Spanish from Spain Audio Bugs/Issues

Game Version: 101.101.36906.0

  • Build: 4941835
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: jose3717


The in-game narration/speech Spanish from Spain audio of some of the Historical Battles are swaped. Specifically:

  • York has the in-game narration/speech audio of Dos Pilas
  • Dos Pilas has the in-game narration/speech audio of Bukhara
  • Bukhara has the in-game narration/speech audio of Kurikara
  • Kurikara has the in-game narration/speech audio of Lake Poyang
  • And finally, Lake Poyang has a mix of in-game narration/speech audios of the Lake Poyang Spanish from Latin America audio, York Spanish from Spain audio, and some other audios I couldn’t identify.

The rest of the Historical Battles that i haven’t mentionedh in this topic have the in-game narration/speech audio OK.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Change the laguage of the game to Spanish from Spain.
  2. Start any of the Historical Battles I have mentioned above.
  3. After the slides and once the game has started, listen to the in-game narration/speech and check as what I have told you is true.


Of course I would have liked to attach some screenshots, but as it is an audio, it can’t be captured by a screenshot :slight_smile:


I think this is a serious bug, because all people who play any of the Historical Battles I mentioned above (York, Dos Pilas, Bukhara, Kurikara or Lake Poyang) with the Spanish from Spain audio, will suffer this bug/issue. So hopefully you can solve it soon.



This is a translation to Spanish of the message above:

VersiĂłn del juego: 101.101.36906.0

  • CompilaciĂłn: 4941835
  • Plataforma: Steam
  • Sistema Operativo: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: jose3717


El audio de los diálogos de algunas de las Batallas Históricas están intercambiados. Concretamente:

  • York tiene el audio de Dos Pilas
  • Dos Pilas tiene el audio de Bujará
  • Bujará tiene el audio de Kurikara
  • Kurikara tiene el audio de Lago Poyang
  • Lago Poyang tiene una mezcla de audios: el audio en español latinoamericano de esa misma batalla, el audio de la batalla de York, y algunos otros audios que no he podido identificar.

El resto de Batallas HistĂłricas tienen aparentemente el audio correcto.

Pasos para reproducirlo:

AquĂ­ se describe cĂłmo reproducir el problema:

  1. Cambia el idioma del juego a Español de España (si no lo tienes ya por defecto)
  2. Inicia cualquiera de las Batallas HistĂłricas que he mencionado antes.
  3. Después de las diapositivas y una vez empieces la partida, escuha los diálogos y comprueba como lo que te he contado antes es así.


Por supueto me gustarĂ­a haber podido adjuntar unas cuantas capturas de pantalla, pero como se trata del audio, no lo pude capturar con una captura (valga la redundancia :slight_smile: )


Sinceramente, creo que este es un problema/fallo serio, ya que cualquier persona que se proponga jugar a cualquiera de las Batallas Históricas que he mencionado antes (York, Dos Pilas, Bujará, Kurikara o Lago Poyang) lo experimentará, y le afectará grave y negativamente a la jugabilidad. Ojalá podais resolverlo pronto.

Un saludo.

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Hello. The may update hasn’t solved the issues above. They still reamain exactly the same as a month ago! I know that devs have a lot of work fixing bugs and issues but, can someone tell us if they have been advised about these ones? :sweat:

Thank you for the updated and diligence following up on these issues!

I can confirm that all five scenarios are bugged and being tracked by the team for a fix. I have gone ahead and bumped each task with the confirmation that they’re happening after the May update, and appreciate you letting us know.

Thank you again for the reports! We’ll keep you updated if we need any more information!


Thank you for the information. Tell me anything you need about these bugs! It always relieved to know that dev team is informed :slight_smile: