Spanish Lancer's multiplier against heavy infantry should be reduced

Spanish Lancer’s multiplier against heavy infantry should be reduced

It’s ridiculous that the Spanish Lancer has a 4x multiplier against both heavy infantry and light infantry. Spain already has skirmishers who are very strong against heavy infantry. The fact that the Spanish Lancer has a 4x multiplier against heavy infantry really makes this unit broken. The Spanish Lancer’s multiplier against heavy infantry should definitely be reduced.

it doesn’t make it broken, it’s working as intended, Lancers are slower than hussars and have less base damage. so you fight lancers with hussars and goons.

Also Spanish skirmishers are one of the weakest.


yeah it takes awhile for spanish skirms to be strong (Counter infantry Rifling+unction)

Make huss
I mean age2 kanyas can beat these
Age2 kanye west frickin horsemen. Age2. They have super low base attack and less hp

Yes lancer rod (and often skirm) is scary but musk huss or pure goon if your micro is slick beats them. Simple as.


Depending on the size of the cav masses lancers actually can beat some cav masses due to the range=better pathing.

hmm this might be a bigger issue in teams/ffa treaty etc, which im less knowledagble about lancer matchups. in 1v1 typically if spain has that level of lancer mass and rods its probably RIP for you anyways.

But yeah i can see this flipping the matchups when en mass. in the smaller 1v1 fights tho, lancers do not want to be fighting vs basically any other hand cav

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Lancer is just one of the few cases of a unit “countering its counter”, another example here would be lakota riffle riders.

Spain despite of this unit isn’t considered OP, and its 2 other guard units are nothing to write home about.

You dont counter Lancer Cav Type with Infantry, they are suppose to be very effective vs that kind of unit.
All you need to do is Dragoons, the same happens with people complainning about Chinacos.

then wtf does inca do then

Bolas Warriors need to be flipped to Ranged Shock Infantry. I’d also increase their speed to 4.25 since they won’t get boosted by Inca Bridges anymore. They could probably use the moderate buffs anyway

they even struggle against coyotes and shotel, its one of the great things about spain lancers is they lose to 2 unit types

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I mean techinacally its historically accurate :stuck_out_tongue:

But also im pretty sure just the normal chimmu/spearman + Jungle is a decent (but not hard counter) to lancer rods

Cause of the jungle’s poison damage which ignores lancer’s range armour. If you want to get doubly funny the carib native ally tech also affects the jungle’s poison damage, it makes it last longer (so more damage).

Another maybe more weird option against lancer rods is native options. Inca has jesuit shipments, including infinite ones that is a better counter cause of the splash damage and also the mapuche bolas rider which also does splash

and you can still mix in some bolas to slow them down if need be

i mean its not hopeless, but spain does play well into inca
and thats ok for a game to have good and bad matchups

Chimu runners 20 characters.

Spanish lancer, he has the great advantage that he gives a bonus to all the infantry. As a great advantage, he also has his great disadvantages such as being a little slower, being bad at raiding and fighting against other heavy cavalry such as the veteran hussar that it loses noticeably against him, also in siege damage it is bad, also the x4 is with a card, which is generally not even used in x1

I don’t think the Spain vs Inca match is so bad, since Inca can even make the ff faster than Spain, sending the huaraca erases the cannons, no matter how much the Inca lovers say that the huaracaa is rubbish, because surely They have a shitty position when attacking, it’s as easy as waiting until the cannons fire to get close to shooting because the difference in range is very little, the falconet is not one that does hit to run so those are excuses

I’ve been informed you’re not supposed to use cav units vs lancers, sorry


Well you could argue chimu are not cavalry, they don’t ride a horse.

No, no no… that only applies to Mexico because people paid for it lol

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