Spanish (Latin America) localisation has several inconsistencies

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  • GAME BUILD #: 11375994
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 11

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I don’t even know where to start to be honest:

  • Mounted Archer and Heavy Mounted Archer have their names changed from Arquero montado to Arquero de caballerĂ­a pesada
  • Elephant Archer and Elite Elephant Archer have their names changed from Elefante arquero to Arquero en elefante de Ă©lite in the tech tree, but in game it uses the correct name: Elefante arquero de Ă©lite
  • Parthian Tactics in the Tech Tree appears as Tácticas Partos instead of Tácticas de los partos
  • Two Handed Swordsman appears in the tech tree as Soldado c/ espada instead of EspadachĂ­n a dos manos
  • Cavalier unit name is CaballerĂ­a instead of Caballero
  • Stable Camel units appear in the tech three as Camello instead of Jinete de camello
  • Heavy Camel tech tree name appears as Camello con armadura instead of Jinete de camello pesado
  • List goes on and on, and extends to even RoR

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Open the game in Español (Latinoamérica).
  2. Play the game and look at the names, the upgrades, etc.

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Good quality, consistent localisation.

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The list of inconsistencies is way too long, it even extends to RoR, it covers:

  • Units, including unique unit names.
  • Techs, including unique techs.
  • Campaign voice dialogues that do not match the text/subtitles.
  • Even on the Byzantines’ bonus list, Dark Age is listed as Edad Oscura, but in-game info calls it Alta Edad Media.

While this is not game breaking, it is a little bit disappointing that a game with over 20 years, that previously had the correct translation/localisation, even in HD, has taken a step back.


Language was always an issue with videogames and the Spanish language (now even more since we have Latin American as well). It takes dedication to create a good and consistent UI translation, and sadly, the best solution to the problem is modding the game ourselves, like what I did to the first definitive edition since translation was :poop: also.