Spanish localization errors

Reposting it here as it appears to be the right place for it. I’m asking mods to delete one or another accordingly.

I’ve found some erroneous or confusing translations in the spanish localization of the game.
Right now, I’ve found the following


  • The Horticulture tech description refers to boosting the gathering speed of food (this can be interpreted to include food gathered from berrys or hunted animals). This however isn’t a problem of translation, as the original tooltip its also vague
    age 4 horticultura
    age 4 horticulture

  • Keeps being refered as Watchtowers (and can easily be confused with Outposts). This leads to miss use of some civ specific bonuses, like with the french or the abassyds.
    Age 4 centros medicos
    age 4 medical centers


  • Fresh foodstuffs description reads: Reduce the cost to produce villagers to -50 (missing a %)
    age 4 alimentos frescos
    age 4 fresh foodstuffs

  • Improved Proscesing description reads: “Villagers drop off 8” (Missing the + and a %). This one is big as it changes how the upgrade works from the original percentage based bonus (so, it scales with other upgrades) to a fixed +8 resources
    age 4 procesamiento mejorado
    Age 4 improved processing