Spanish might have been too nerfed

With the tower nerf and allowing skirmishers to do +6 bonus damage to conquistadors instead of +4, the Spanish have dropped a lot in performance. They are below average in win % and were 0-3 in KOTD3. They definitely get overlooked when talking about civs that need buffs which is understandable since other civs are far worse. I just wanted to point out that they might need a slight adjustment. Something like missionaries can carry relics but slow down to monk speed.


I was thinking the same thing before seeing the suggestion. I hope Spanish are next on the list for civs with a nerfed identity since DE’s release that have yet to receive enough of a compensating buff. Not picking up relics is the only reason I see most players never using the Missionary most of the time, despite its other DE buffs making it a good pairing with Knights or Conquistadors.

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I was hoping for some kind of small Spanish buff too, however if they buff gunpowder then that should help the civ a lot. Plus say if missionaries get buffed and can pick up relics then that makes them a good counter Lithuanians pick.

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But CA and other UU CA also got +6 bonus damage from Elite Skirms. There is no reason to only conquistador +4 bonus damage and CA got +6 damage. It is fair point.
They have also perfectly balanced winrate and neither OP nor weak. Judging only by one tournament result is just silly. Only talk about KOTD3 result, Britons are urgently need buff. They got 3-15 score.
Missionary can capture relic means they can approach relic in their own speed. It is too much

I think HC will be buffed, which it is a good buff for spanish.

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And turks. And goths and malians.

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Spanish have been weaker than Portuguese before, after the big buff please stop sucking treatment Spanish might really fall behind.

conqs are no CA. They are not affected by PT which gives those mounted archers +2 pierce armour. And in addition conqs cost food which makes them harder to mass in general, especially with just minimal eco bonus regarding the boom.

But hey just look how Bulgarians now should get the waaaaay better spanish blacksmith bonus.
Save more ress that are being precious food, and research super fast, while Spanish dont have xbow which makes the archer use rather insignificant and those the gold saving bonus is super late.

After they omega buff all weak civs Spanish are at the new end. Time to omega break them next.


But Conquistador have much lower frame delay than CA and much higher damage than CA. They can effectively kill Pikeman without Parthian Tactics. Getting lower bonus damage than CA seems so unfair for CA and other CA unique unit and very hard to counter conquistador.

We can not sure new Bulgarians become very good. But Spanish still have great monks which Bulgarians doesn’t have. I personally think that 50% cheaper Seige workshop tech maybe problematic because they can get Seige Ram so early. If new Bulgarians are OP, just propose Bulgarians nerf or other top-tier civ nerf. In that way of buffing all civ because some worse civ are buffed, We have to continuously buffing all civs and that cycle never end.

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I think the issue with conqs is mainly due the bullet speed: they miss far too much at the moment. The same is also true for hand cannons and jannis. A buff in terms of bullet speed would help this units a lot.


Malians and goth indantry also suffers from tge HC bonus, though. Like teutons

Fully agree on the gunpowder miss too much so I be useful enough (also organ guns).

Other than that I would not change anything about Spanish for the moment. Put an end to powercreeping and nerf Frank’s as a starter.

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Just push the gunpowder firing bonus to 20%…

What?! Are you saying goths and malians need a buff?! The stupid Goths need a big nerf more than any civ

No, he said that a HC buff, as I proposed, would be a buff for malians and goths because they both have HC.

Howver, HC counters both malians and goth infantry, so that would be a nerf/buff, depending on the oponent.

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Goths aren’t that op, get out of here.


Goths are only stupid at Imp.
And if you already didn’t wipe them out before imp, it’s your own fault

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I agree. Currently they are kinda living behind Burmese’s shadow after the Conqs nerf. Personally I think Conqs are fine though. Not getting anti CA bonus for 18-19 years was unfair tbh.

I think there eco bonus of faster builder and no gold cost for blacksmith upgrade is not quite enough in current meta. Before DE they were one of the most popular choice in hybrid map like cross/four lakes along with Japanese, Huns and Vikings. But now Persians, Lithuanians and even Malay are preferred more than them. I think an water/hybrid map specific bonus will be good for them.

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Just improve the missionary so they can convert units faster than regular monks, they are a UU so it makes sense that a FU missionary should convert a FU monk first, even if the monk begins first due the +2 range. It would be a lot if they can pick relics. Also a little buff to gunpowder units would be great in general

They could add xbow and arbalist to Spain, but only if they lose something important like the paladin, otherwise they would have the best tech tree.

To finish, I know that there is 0% chances, but it would be great if every civ had 3 UU, that way the developers could give a buff to every civs that needs it without making lots of changes. Just imagine having an arquebus with a little more dmg and +1 range, or the franks with a gendarme that replaces the normal paladin or a faster zwiehander with slightly better dps for teutons replacing the normal champion, etc, etc

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While this might be a good idea and there’s defo people that want it. It would require immense effort(gfx, coding, as well as balance) And someone would have to pay for it… And not everyone wants more units in the game… (i mean look at the reception of the steppe lancer)

So instead those resources are probably put into another game for greater returns.