[Spanish] Really dissapointed with the lazy spanish translation so far

Been playing the games to finish the act 1: Blood of the main campaign and here’s a couple of things i noticed so far,

  1. there’s a couple of untranslated pieces in game menus, like “By Card Types” instead of “Por Tipo de Carta” in the decks menu

  2. common names of ingame characters remain untranslated, like “Sailor” instead of “Marinero” or “Soldier” instead of “soldado”

  3. the last cinematic in act1 is totally in english with spanish subs, the original one in AoE3 had a complete spanish dub

Things like these, even when small, are all over and add up overtime, taking you out of immersion.

Aside the already reported animation stuck on reunion, so for now i’ll just gonna stop playing the game and play something else until some of these things got fixed, i was already dissapointed by not having a new SpanishLA translation like you did for AoEDE2 but the current one is just a bad and worst recycled translation than the original one

i just hope devs don’t do a lazy work too on the upcoming AoE4