Spanish soldados as shipments

I’m wondering if instead of soldados being spawned from Haciendas (something that seems weird to me), they could be resource costing shipments like Spahis. You’d remove the cost from the two hacienda card, so it’d still be a good card for booming and such, but I think having soldados as shipments would be pretty cool and make for some fun timings and such.


Soldado is a mexican unit. Ok, historically is a spanish soldier frol the colonied, and was added to haciendas, but let the UU stay with their civs. At most, only one shipment

The card should ship normal Hacienda which have no Soldado and the Soldado upgrades.
Just let the Soldado can be trained in Forts, cost higher in exchange of automatically upgrade (as or not as a consulate unit), and maybe with a train limit.
Then, we can have 6 Sodaldo shipment in Age III.

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They’re already available, just now in a strange way. So why not have them be available in way that, imo, is more diverse in strategy?

If they’re only trainable at forts I don’t think they’d need to be more expensive (Mexico can have lancers at their fort and they aren’t more expensive). Plus the slow train time will have them hard to mass. Overall I like your idea but I honestly think something like 2 shipments age 3 and 3 age 4 (2 normal and an infinite) would be more dynamic.

Your idea doesn’t convince me, but I see no reason not to make suggestions, I think the developers could change the Castrametation card with a new card, perhaps something like Andean fortifications.

Another option would be a card like Reconquista, but instead of giving you conquistador it would give you Soldados.

I prefer that the haciendas and soldiers were something more typical of the Hispanic revolutions, although with changes to make them more unique for each revolution, but this is just my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Even the Mexicans themselves have no Soldado shipments in age 4, so I think there are shipments in at most Age 3 for the Spanish. Maybe it is a twice card to ship 4 Soldado in age 3.

Soldado is essentially just musketeers. What is the point of differentiating them. Like 5 soldado vs 9 musk shipments are essentially same. I would suggest completely replace spanish musks with soldado. So spanish and mexico share this unique unit.


I don’t think Spain has any musketeer shipments. So it could fill that role up some.

They do but they’re paired with other units.