Spanish subfaction mod project and the state of Euro Civs

The last DLC and the European content drop revamped the design philosophies of European civs. The inclusion of the royal houses and new cards and maps of the unexplored setting of the 1600 kinda move the theming of these civs away from the original idea of “settlers in the Americas” to the typical. Back when the game first launched the devs intended the colonial setting as a way to keep the “starting anew” feeling from previous games.

As such, these civilizations have become “umbrela” civs like the Hausa or the Indians. That is, civs that are meant to represent a broad period of time, territorial extensions and cultural diversity. Take for example the French: They retain their original fur trader identity (CdBs, native alliances, wilderness warfare), incorporating their new Bourbon identity (royal muskeeters, royal army, bourbon troops) and revolutionary (french revolution units), Napoleonic France, and even Imperial France (zuaves).

With this understanding, I’m trying to create a mod, just as a concept proof. Picking up the Spanish, the european civ I’m most familiar with, I’ll try to create a modular subfaction civ.

From base Spain, you can opt for 3 different spanish subfactions in age up.

Picking up the Continental Spain, you will be able to access to the spanish gold card and Tercio armies, banner armies of pikeman (and either crossbows or musketeers, maybe early skirms if I’m crazy enough) that cost food and gold.

Choosing the Viceroyalty of New Spain will grant access to haciendas (and eventualy Soldados down the line) and Zapotec Allies.

Finally, the Viceroyalty of Peru will focus on mining bonuses and renegade bands (Helbardier and conquistador shipments).

I think giving each subfaction 2 or 3 good age up options per age will be enough


Suena interesante, además supongo que a través del virreinato del Perú se podrá acceder al virreinato de Nueva Granada y al virreinato del Rio de la Plata. Una pregunta, ¿se supone que en tu mod no tendrá revoluciones o por el contrario al elegir un virreinato estaremos obligados a revolucionarnos?

As of now, I’m focusing on the transition to colonial due to the sheer amount of effort needed for just doing that. But once I get through this part, which is arguably the hardest in terms of new stuff I need to learn, I’ll be able to follow through the rest of subfaction tech tree.

VoP should access to the New Granada and Rio de la Plata Viceroyalties and the VoNS could acess to Florida, the caribean Islands or the Philipines. I’ll probably make use of the capitanships to round up the options for each age

Continental Spain should retain a more focused approach to their politicians.

So far I’ve managed to make the Tercio block training. Right now I’m trying to figure out how add the Federal Politician mechanic into the Spanish tech tree/home city (probably both since I’ll have to cap the deck size below 25 cards)


I can show the first progress report

The UI and general idea for each of the three subfactions is done. I’ll tweak it over the days.

I created a new villager inspired by the settler wagon and starcraft Mules: The Mitayo. These miners can be sent from the town center for a cost and are timed units (they expire after some time).

However, I’m having issues with the animation files. You see, the settler wagon is made out of 2 components: the “settler_wagon_guy” that’s used for all the gathering, building and attack animations, and a “settler_wagon” that’s used when both the guy and the donkey need to be animated at the same time. Without any extra changes, the settler wagon defaults to the german model when idling or walking.

I’ve tried to create a new Mitayo_wagon file (putting the masks and everything from the male native villager) but then the unit just vanishes when not mining.

Any idea how to solve this issue?


The units dissapear when the model is not available.
Settler Wagons change their models after the resource they are collecting.
Usually, when this happens, is only a typo. Check for double //, not closed tags </>. Verify the model you are calling.

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Wow I love it!

Nice work guy! I really want to try it.

Haha yeah plz!!

Update on the Viceroyaly of Peru Fortress Age

Icons are placeholder and are meant to represent the age up description bonus (though I might end up making the federal cards after testing)

AGE UP MECHANIC - New Spain Influence: Many of the viceroys of Peru occupied the seat after a serving a term at the head of New Spain. Invest the extra coin from mining into architect wagons to have access to Mexican buildings (Hacienda and Cathedral) as well as Forts to defend the territory.

Religious Universities: The stablishing of the first universities in the New World by the jesuit and dominican religious orders allowed the clergy to form ties with the colonial elites as well as enjoying their payments in land and Indian workforce, Cathedrals can boost their XP income by excerting their influence over the nearby Town Centers, Forts and Trading Posts

Tercio de Arauco: The threat of privateers and hostile natives forced the Spanish to create a profesional, state equiped army, incorporating veterans from the European wars. The Sargeant will train the Arauco Tercio in the forts.

Armed encomenderos: Encomenderos were the soldiers and hidalgos that enjoyed the spoils of the conquest (land and Indian workforce). They handled the defense of the frontiers and held this as their bargain card with the Viceroy. Having come to terms with their leaders, encomenderos will muster from their haciendas and join your forces. (I’m still not sure how to make translate this in a useful way in game. I could go by either having Lancers train from the haciendas like soldados or have haciendas spawn a set number of lancers. It should also have a economic component)

The Viceroyalty of Peru was a particularly tough place to rule. Many tribes keep the Spanish expansion at bay if not already succesfuly pushed them out of their territories and privateers constantly raided costal towns and shipments. The encomendero class resisted any attempt to limit their influence and power (The Pizarro brothers had led a encomendero rebellion against the crown not even 100 years before, were they beheaded the first viceroy). The Church also clashed with the encomenderos over the control and use of the indian workforce.

This, paired with an overstreched administration in the vast territory made general order and enforcing of dispositions tenuous with frontiers quickly returning to the “complied with but not obeyed” principle.

As for the Mitayo: Still can’t make the idle, walking and bored animation function properly. I reverted to using the settler wagon animations. If you can make it work or teach me how to do it, I’ll be thankful. Otherwise I may tweak the miner to achieve the same result.

Exploring: I think it would be intresting to have the VoP having a slower XP curve, and use a consulate like mechanic with coin gathering. This way, the player can tax his coin gathering to increase the xp rate. I can even think of a fluff to justify it and it would be an intresting way to keep the coin gathering speed in check.


This is just my opinion, but I think it would be more convenient to spawn a predetermined amount, maybe 2 or 3 for each Hacienda, but if that’s not enough for you, it could also give us a number of coins for each enemy building destroyed.

argument: Since the Viceroyalty of Peru focuses on Outlaw units, I think a card like this could have some nice synergy.

PS: I love seeing the progress of your project, you are doing great and I hope you can solve the problem with the Mitayo soon. :smile:

Quand le mod sera avancé je testerais avec plaisir :slight_smile:

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Nice mod, I hope that you will be able to finish what you want.

What about Captaincy General of the Philippines and Spanish African colonies? :stuck_out_tongue:

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In AOEIII XML files, an anim affects one model, usually called ModelComp. Usually, you only should change the


part in the anim, but there are troubles in Settler Wagon File.
I have checked the settler wagon XML. The problem is they are using two models: one is the settler wagon guy, who is a german villager without hat, donkey or wagon. He can be used for a common settler.
The other model is a “settlerwagon”, that includes a german villager, a donkey and a wagon all-in-one. This model receives exclusive anims for walking, idling and boring (?). So, these anims are not compatible with any other models, I think.

If you insist on using the settler wagon, you may try modding the textures of the settler wagon guy, and use them for both models.

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Yeah, I’ve tried modding the Settlerwagon materials, I’m not exactly sure how to do it.

I tried changing the submaterial matA (the one refering to the settler wagon guy) and that’s when the mitayos turned invisible

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The textures (BaseColor, Normals, Masks, Details) are image files. You would have to modify them with Photoshop. Do you have reference images?

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Hey! The winter holidays ended last week so I’m back at my job. I have turned to polishing the age 3 ideas as well as some new design choices for the subfaction.

I might drop an update tomorrow.

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I made many changes and published an unfinished but working version of the mod. The branching out concept is really limiting for creating independent experiences from the base civilization.

It was a nice experiment and I learned a lot from it.

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