Spanish Tercio and AOE2 ELO Decay

1- Now that we have winged hussars, can the Spanish halbs become Tercios? Even just for the skin excuse; maybe just give them 5 more HP, 1 melee armour or 1 attack.

2 - ELO Decay - can this atleast be an option. I haven’t played online in years, and when returning to the game, I just can’t compete.


Pike and shot units mainly fit in aoe3 not aoe2.

i think its a good idea, i dont know why they haveny implemented it but assuming it is partly due to the smaller online player base

im not a history guru, but when is the latest aoe2 unit / civ embellishment? tercios started in 1530 or something, so as long as that fits within any other aoe2 embellishment its good to go

and lastly and 100% more importantly wrt historical accuracy… mesos and their steel arbalests, trebs and siege onagers say wut?

I think there is ELO decay at 2000 elo. Not sure about lower elos

Yeah you are right.
But the historical battles do have the Battle of Lepanto (1571).
We have Meso civs, which could imply contact between the new and old worlds (in which Spain sent Tercios to the new world).
So its possible if they wanted to implement it. Could act as a little civ boost if they want to buff Spanish at all

Then we should have hussite flailman as bohemian halbs swiss pikes as teuton halbs billman as briton halbs and so on.

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This would be very interesting

If you come back to play online you haven’t mantained your level you will be losing games until your reach an ELO equivalent to your current level. Maybe that doesn’t happen. What’s the problem?

AOEII has conquistadors which aren’t earlier units than the tercios. The winged hussars are also more from the XVI and XVII centuries so I don’t see any historical reason to don’t have the tercios.

What about replace Supremacy for «Tercios»
New effect: all trash units gain +10% HP and +1 attack