Spanish translated errors (write down your error found here)

Use this topic to post translation errors:

  • (Inaugural event version) Random native scout names aren’t translated: it’s says Apache scout were it should be “Explorador apache”

  • (Inaugural event version) when you unlock cosmetics, it says “Desvincular cosmético” or something like this, and should be “Desbloquear cosmético”

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I have a few too:

  • (V.100.12.9476.0) When a campaign unit speaks, it will display the name in english. For example “Sailor” instead of “Marinero” or something like that.
  • (V.100.12.9476.0) The card that sends 8 sheep and 1 Homestead Wagon (translated as Carretón de Colonos), it’s translated just like the german Settler Wagon (Carretón de Colono), creating confusion and frustration. It could be something like Carretón Agrícola. You can see both in the German home city.
  • (V.100.12.9476.0) Not very critical, but old VO still say Iroquois and Colonial Age in the Tutorial and some campaigns.
  • (V.100.12.9476.0) Edit to add this: on the new events screen, days, hours, minutes and seconds have placeholder values and I can’t know the time the event has left nor the next reset unless I change it to english.

Another error in version (v.100.12.11148.0). In the japanese card “Guerra Onin” the description doesn’t make sense. In english is “All infantry’s building attack increased” while this spanish translation means “Buildings of all infantry have better attack”. The correct translation would be something like “Toda la infantería con mejor ataque contra edificios”.