Spearman buff is NOT a nerf to French/Rus (It actually nerfs non-early knight civs)

People need to stop saying that the French got nerfed (Hulk notwithstanding – a much needed balance change). The changes to spearmen auto-bracing and increased damage to cavalry are global changes that affect all civilizations. Coupled to the nerfs to horseman, civilizations like the French and Rus that have access to early knights are still stronger than civs that don’t.

Yes, now the French players need to be less mindless with their auto-healing knights but there is no comparable counter play for non-early knight civs (until castle with crossbows) . If Delhi sends horseman, the BUFFED French spearmen are going to do MORE than the Delhi buffed spearmen (on account of the terribly weak horseman). The issue isn’t (just) that spearmen are weak, its that early knight civs are really strong because of the knights. Changing units all civs have does nothing to address that fact.


Yep, right on the money. And in addition: the auto brace function doesn’t even work as the HRE.

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French need a rewokr, they have everything in one basket. They are strong across all ages. Spearmen damage doesn’t do jack ■■■■, if they can’ survive they no use of spearmen, they need a huge buff in HP and incremental HP buff as age up. They and horsemen are ttrahs tier and now the basic strat is rush castle and spam knights and Xbow.

I still don’t understand why knights are avaible at tier 2 for some civs and men at arms tier 3 exclusive with the exception of HRE and English, they did a complete mess, french knights should be avaible at tier 3 and their normal horsemen should be better that any other civ with health Regen may be, but knights… Lol