Spearman cavalry charge brace issue

Currently, spearmen are over OP because mixing it with MAA would stop all cavalry charges from the front side. It doesn’t matter how many cavalries are charging. It would stun them all for 1-2 secs. It can be a single spearman set to attack move mixed with MAA and it would stun all heavy cavs.

This really needs to be fixed. Because it makes them too OP and cavs are too weak against it.
Make charge brace to protect from only one cavalry unit and that would make sense.


Is this a bug though?

I think so, since single spearman stunning 10 heavy cavalries is not normal.

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True, should only be able to stun 1 Cav per 1 Spear.

Also noticed they stun horsemen as well even though horsemen don’t have charge damage. Pretty strongk but good imo.

Thanks @MahoganyHalo80! We’ll check into it! Appreciate the report!