Spearmen in Dark Age

Why do you bring up Camel Scouts who don’t have bonus damage vs anything, take years to kill sheep because of that, and can’t be trained until Feudal age AND cost the full price of a regular Camel unit i.e. gold.

You don’t have to worry about camels until Feudal age anyways and they are still just camel scouts until Castle age, which then turn into regular Camels which also just die to archers.

Spears are too cheap to be allowed into Dark Age.
And as many others said, they serve no purpose other than to be a cheaper alternative to militia.
Militia only serve the purpose to delay your opponent from doing things you don’t want them to.

The only way i would see it possible is by making some kind of nerfed variant which auto-upgrade to Feudal Spears in Feudal, like Eagles in Castle Age or scout in Feudal.

That way a dark Age spears could have worse stat, and less bonus damage, like 2 base Attack and only 5 bonus damage, and still be a nuisance for scouts but not an hard counter as it is when in feudal