Spearmen should have the advantage of attack distance

At present, the spearmen are too weak and their functions are relatively single. Since the spearmen use spears and halberds, it is advisable to strengthen the attack range of the spearmen so that they have the advantage of giving priority to attacks in close combat, so as to strengthen the spearmen.

I think this design is very realistic and fun. What do you think?


I also think they are underpowered. Compared to AOE2 the MAA really got a place in the spotlight now as a frontline tank. It would only be logical to also give the spearman more utility. Especially since massed cannon fodder seems much less useful in AOE4.

What do you think about other sidegrades? I’d like to see (a bit like the HRE upgrades for the MAA):

  1. Something to make them hit harder and maybe add a bit of areal dmg (e.g. a Halberd).
  2. Something to give them more reach (a Pike) → Basically what the Abassid spears get.
  3. Something to give them a bit more ressiliance (e.g. a shield).
    These could negatively impact move speed, attack speed, armor ratings, etc. so the standard spearman stays a valid option.

In the end this recreates units we already had before, especially in AOE3’s much broader lineup (Halberdier is a thing there and many area-attacking melee units also had high anti-cav values).

Having them as permanent choices would be fine with me… It’s a bit like choosing your landmark between ages (or gods in AOM).

I can imagine that this overlaps with their plans for future civs though.


Yes they should be able to attack from behind one row of allied soldiers. Their dmg should be slightly lovered though.

I think spear/lance weapon types already have a range advantage.
Though it might be a little too short currently.



As you can see a lance has a higher Tile range than a sword.

Supposedly the Abbasids have a tech that increases spear range by 100% though I haven’t been able to test whether they attack from behind other units yet.

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It’s a wonderful idea. The larger attack range gives the spearmen the ability to attack from behind other units, which just restores the scene and function of spear formation in history!

Attacking from behind other units is an excellent design, like the meteor hammer cavalry of AoE3.

It is a bit strange that the Phalanx tech for double spear range is unique to Abbasids.

This can also make up for the disadvantage of spearmen against samurai.