Spectator in Lobby Becomes a Player in Game

Build 28529

When in lobby spectator is chosen as the “civilization,” in game the player is put in game and has all of the functions as a player in game. This game was on large islands and a whole new island was created for the spectator. Also it caused one of the players in game to drop immediately form the game, causing the game to crash. The civilization for the spectator when in game was Assyrian, the first choice from the civilization drop down menu.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Host a multiplayer lobby
  2. Make sure the game is 4 player large islands
  3. Make sure the players civilizations are Persians
  4. Player 1 first in the lobby
  5. Player 5 second in the lobby as spectator
  6. Player 4 third in the lobby
  7. Player 1 has “?” as team selected

A clip from the spectator going in game and getting normal player functions is included. The screenshot from the crashing player is not available.

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