Spectator mode

i hate spectator mode, now is super annoying see an eye and a number next the eye, also hate spectators.
we need a option for enable or disable our games with spectators mode, at least dont put the eye with the time interface.

have 3 good points.

1- the eye is super annoying and the worst thing to hide it is also to hide time
2. i have 130 W and 125 L but i lose like 30 games cause losse my connection, and 25 of of those 30 games, they were already practically won.
3- I hate having spectators it makes me crazy, and also I think they cheat me.the second in this point is an assumption based on nothing

I am about to uninstall the aoe, for not being able to remove the spectator mode from my games.

i think it is an obligation to give us the option to remove or enable viewers in our games. If we play 1v1 because we only want another in the game, because our internet is ■■■■, now we also have to load the spectators?

I think it is the only flaw of the new patch, everything else congratulations, but if you could disable the viewers, it would be a perfect patch, and not the patch that made me unistall aoe


You don’t send anything to the viewers, you are uploading ur recording to microsoft servers or reliq, then viewers download the rec from the servers and watch it as streaming.

So your lag and bad internet isn’t getting worse by spectator feature, keep in mind this game isn’t the same as the old game, it consumes way more internet bandwidth, you can check it on ur windows stats, have a good day sir.


@SouMexican is right, you are not uploading anything more for having spectators in your game. Spectators get game data directly from the server, not from your PC. They have absolutely 0 impact on your internet.

Also if you don’t want spectators you are perfectly free to disable them in lobbies. But spectating is an extremely important feature for ranked games for the competitive community. If you don’t want that, unranked lobbies are there just for you.


And if you dislike the eye icon and the spectator count so much you can just press F11 to toggle it off.


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I thought it was really cool to see the amount of spectators. Perhaps you should not be forced in MM to have people spectating, but also it is nice to have that option to watch pro games. Some kind of transparency… I’m curious what the pro’s think, maybe even they don’t want it on occasion because they are doing some secret strats. But in that case they would probably do that in a private lobby. So I think overall it’s a positive addition. I understand that it can bring some added pressure though :smile:

just had a game with 1 spectator watching. i had continuous freezes which made my game f up. ADD ABILITY TO DISABLE SPECTATORS!!!

Read the posts above mate, spectators don’t affect your game.


it did and i want the option to disable live spectating. simple.

Ctrl + Shift + F11 is the default hotkey for disabling spectating while ingame.

Your reasoning for it however made no sense. If you want it merely cause you want it, then don’t give an explanation for the reason that has nothing to do with it and which doesn’t hold water anyway.

you mean it really blocks spectators live?

move on, bud. 20 chars

Yup, I mean it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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spectators are not in same game as you are so anything that happen for them doesn’t affect you. You are arguing like people who said +10 years ago that having game recording on causes game run worse.


They been saying that even this year. Believe me, I’ve met them. :joy: :joy:


If it’s not an option to disable in ranked games, it should be. People have different strategies and techniques they might not want to advertise to the whole world

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I mean Darkness, if that’s the case, given people shouldn’t even play multiplayer, as everytime you play you’re already “advertising” strategies to opponents and teammates — you can read it as ‘the whole world’, if you feel so.

We shouldn’t encourage paranoid behavior and decision making based on unfounded allegations.


People will learn different strategies eventually by playing against you anyway, imo it’s more important how someone is able to actually execute a strategy. Also there is transparency, spectators can also see if someone is cheating in the game somehow.

man, i tried using the shortcut you told and i didnt see any messages like “spectating disabled”. how am i gonna know that it s disabled?

Yeah, there is no feedback to the action, but you can be safe and sure about it.

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