Spectator UI

It’s really unfortunate there is a lack of a spectator UI. In Aizamk’s UI, we could stream, cast and spectate multiple players at the same time. Observing the resources gathered from either, their armies, their upgrades and so on. It has been detrimental to improving the stream experience. It is of great convenience to casters and viewers alike.


Yeah, the fanmade observer ui was miles above the current one. Would be cool if we could get it in the DE.


The new DE Observer UI is a huge downgrade from what we had on TAD. :frowning:


Can we please, please, please get a spectator UI. Casting is such a huge part of the game and also a big learning tool for players looking how to learn build orders/ civs. Its such a huge part of the game that really needs to be added.


The spectator UI is extremely disappointing. It is missing vital features that the old UI made by Aizamk had. I would have expected a similar UI including features like (recalculated) economic population, military population, techs in queue, techs finished, shipments sent, etc etc etc. Just compare the ‘old’ UI to what we have now. I seriously hope this is still in the works, it would be a tremendous mistake to ignore the spectator UI. I would argue that the revival of the competitive aoe3 scene partly happened due to the spectator UI which made casting and streaming easy and accessible.

https://youtu.be/heCS5E4SSqo?t=553 DE
https://youtu.be/BNfjm3oxiMQ?t=2023 Legacy


Yes, it helps new players with understanding the game better. A well-made caster-ui is really an asset to grow the DEs and the aoe scene overall.


Spectator UI needs improvement for sure. Seeing all the information from both players at once would be so much better than having to switch between player perspectives.


I find the lack of the observer UI to be really taking away from watching casted games. You can’t see what’s really happening in the game without the shipment order, eco & military power balance, army unit type and number tab, and all those other things that just… have always been there for the past years.

It doesn’t feel like watching a professional stream anymore.

Why didn’t they implement Aizamk’s? I am sure he would be proud of them if they did…


Spectator UI needs improvement. Aizamk’s UI is great. Just the ability to view a player’s exact perspective (just like a recorded game) can be added to Aizamk’s UI and it would be.