Spirit of the Laws Outdated Civ Overviews

I have been rewatching a couple of civ overviews by SotL lately and I found tons of subjective rankings. For example, I noticed that the Teutons only got B+ for cavalry, Teutonic paladins beats every single paladin civ except for Lithuanians with more than three relics.

The worst part is his Naval civ grades, I’d say the Portuguese have the best navy in the game but because of his bias to the galley rush they only got 7. Here’s how I would rank it:

  1. Portuguese
  2. Vikings
  3. Spanish
  4. Japanese
  5. Byzantines

He’s a great YouTuber but he really needs to update the civ overviews.

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Well before the melee armor buff they had just average cavalry, even now I wouldn’t give them over A rating for cavalry because of lacking light cavalry and husbandry


Civ overviews take a lot of time to do so it’s easier said that done. He is in the process of redoing them, but it’s pretty much a losing battle. Heck despite the fact he was careful not to rush the Last Khan civ overviews to avoid them getting outdated too fast they are all outdated anyway 11


Do it by yourself intead of take ■■■■ over others work. Greetings

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Youtube videos take days to make and if you have to adjust them for every patch it would be too much. His job is to create content people are interested in, thus raking in ton of money while reaching out to lot of people, not making a new relatively boring navy guide everytime his personal opinion changes.

The top 1 navy civ is Koreans anyways. TURTLE SHIPS BEAT EVERY OTHER SHIP 1v1. Oh wait… they’re slow… Like Teuton paladins… Maybe neither civ is the best?

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yes lets ignore that several of those civs have received buffs or nerfs in the past year. obviously it’s going to be outdated, most his overviews are from before DE even went live. he’s also updating as they go but they take time.

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A? I feel teuton knights are the most overrated unit in the game, maybe it’s just personal taste but MA bonus and converion resistance don’t make up for the lack of husbandry.

You should take his early videos with a grain of salt. At that stage, SOTL was basically a noob playing Japanese against the AI making fun videos. Also, due to all the balance changes, many things he pointed out back then are now no longer true.

For example, the Koreans have changed so much a 2016 video has lost a lot of relevance. For most other civs, it isn’t that bad. Those old civ overviews are still fun to watch, but you should always check the tech tree to see what changed in the past few years.

If he does an update. Hopefully he will wait until Lords of the West DLC is released in case any new balance changes are applied

Too bad that even if he updates some old ones after the dlc patch another patch will just release within two months. He’ll never know which civs are getting reworked/tweaked either so its not like he could work on the video changes ahead of time.

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He started re-doing civ overviews after DE… but it takes time, and the ongoing balance work means you’re never gonna get a 100% accurate snapshot of the entire game, only aspects that could be dated by the next month’s patch.

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A blessing to know this that the developers are still active with the game :slight_smile: