Splash Damange Friendly Fire

Adding this would fix nearly all of the “Siege is OP” issues currently in the game.

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I think it would just make normal infantry not usable, whil only using xbows and calvary for quickly raiding, but that’s only my opinion and prediction. Something like that already happens in AOE2 in a lot of games I’ve seen, and the artillery is not as predominant as it is in AOEIV

It was pretty much only a thing for mangos, scorpians didn’t have damage that hit allies anyways, and mangos in that game like one-shot infantry.

Yeah, that wouldn’t solve the springald problem, it would probably aggravate it

Nothing will solve the Springald problem. Adding friendly fire to Mangonels and splash damage would force the user to also pay a price for throwing bombs into the front line clash. As it stands, there is zero downside to doing so which forces the springald counter to manage the mass damage output of Mangonels.

It turns springs and mangonels into a trade off rather than a necessity.

It could be, not totally against it but I still think that it would penalise melee infantry, while calvary and range will be more predominant

I don’t like the idea of full friendly fire, the only unit I wish had it would be the fire ships, when you get rushed by 20+ fire ships, if you destroy 1, it should explodes the others.

Best thing that we don’t have friendly fire.

Then you will never have a meta that doesn’t include anti-siege siege weapons dominating the game. Congrats.