Split Archers BS upgrades

How would be the archers meta change if would split attack and range in two diferents upgrades.
Fletching, Bodkin arrow and bracer gives +1 attack.
Three new techs, maybe refering to bows, like Nocking point, Reinforced limb, Leather grip give +1 Range.
Tentative costs:
75F 35G Feudal Techs / 150F 75G Castle techs / 250F 125G Imperial techs
It means that, f.e. full upgrade the attack in feudal age would cost +50F +20G that nowdays and double the time.


it doesn’t make much sense, a nerf to Crossbow upgrade cost and maybe Crossbow creation time is enough. There is no need to overthink it, if you make it hard to tech into Crossbow while also having a record Castle age time and big numbers, this is more than enough of a nerf, Crossbow is still a gold unit, we don’t want it to be unplayable.


Not to forget that you’re nerfing almost every other ranged unit in the process.


Yeah one part of me is saying this is an OK change, but at the same timme, Xbow and arrhers will likely be unplayable with it. And I don’t think the dev team would ever change that anyway so

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This is a good and simple solution. And wont affect other ranged units / buildings.

Yeah let’s jsut throw random nerfs at xbows instead of trying to tackle the issue of the weird insane powerspikes of an otherwise generally underperforming unit. (in comparison to the knight)

Let’s make it even more weird instead! Let us nerf archers and xbows instead of the powerspikes so now you MUST use the powerspikes to do anything useful with them!

Apart from that nerfing all the perfectly fine ranged units like cav archer you’d make archer play pretty useless by that. You can just make skirm and get the cheap extra range to counter archers as skirms don’t really need the 1 atk that much.

you are supposed to mix in pikes if opponent goes Knights which is a good trash unit and very cheap, too.

Instead you see full Crossbow, that’s how strong they are.

Even Knight civs open Crossbow in Castle age these days, so much for “Knights overperforming”.

When do Knights overperform? In a 200-pop post-Imp scenario? Sure. Elite War Elephants are yet better in such a scenario, your point?

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In his eyes? Most the ladder. Which is on one hand true, but also misleading

Again, it’s not about the Archers, stop being so reductive.

It’s about the Arabia having third the size of woodlines that we had 2 years ago, and about melee pathing. Go play on Voobly and see how Crossbows are just fine.

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doing this will just make them as useless as champion line and everyone will just switch to full knight spam anyway.