Splitting up the Subcontinent into a 3-4 civs is acceptable

But they are also easy to break. :smiley:

Compared to a well made battle axe with those metal strips that serve both to strengthen the attachment of the head and to protect the shaft from impact, yes, I figure a pure wooden club is probably overall more vulnerable. And while the axe can dull, when that happens you still have what’s essentially a mace or warhammer. Both the weight distribution of the weapon and the hardness of steel help it give a bigger impact than a wooden head.

The advantage of a pure wooden weapon would be in its weight. It might be more comfortable to carry on a daily basis or as part of a larger loudout, and it probably has different flight characteristics, more range possibly? (Plus it’s cheaper to replace.) The people who used rungus also carried spears and swords, they knew about steel. And I have seen variations of the weapon incorporating something like a large nut (as in bolt and nut) into the head. So even pre-tourism they probably had reasons to generally prefer the wooden version.

A regular sword breaks easily to blunt force weapons.

And armour is of no use when your body directly feels the impact.

Really? I thought that the reason why sharp objects were invented since the Stone Age was because steel was more durable. It was harder to make, yes, but it sharpness was undenyable.

What do you meamn by “pre-tourism”?

So, what you are saying is that they used a wooden weapon as a second class weapon? Obviously, they used it for practice.

Keep in mind that people back then were like Hercules. It didn’t matter what they carried, to them it all weigthed a feather. What mattered to them is which object breaks faster. In this case, wood will be the first one to go. Spears and bows with arrows were easily breakable, that’s why people used to shoot or throw them. They knew that whatever the aim is, it will be penetrated and whatever it is it will die a slow death.

Are you serious or trying to troll?


Serious. People were able to carry mallet without an issue. Geez, people were trained from childhood how to carry and what. We are assuming that cavemen were like us, sitting on the couch day and night, but it’s not so.

Have you heard of a term “figuratevely speaking”?

Speaking of mallets - that’s how modern hammers got evolved. People realized that they don’t need a heavy mallet to crack people’s skulls. A hammer can do the trick plus it can hit a nail in someone’s head too. Besides, driving horses made humans more agile as they spent time seating more.

Sure, we might date hammers to the Stone Age, but they were never used as a weapon back then. At least, no hammers were discovered at battle scenes from that era.

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Ones tourism develops people sometimes keep doing something in a certain way because that’s what the tourists are expecting.

Practice for what? I was comparing a rungu with a throwing axe, but those are not used by the same people(s).

A throwing club is not great practice for a throwing spear.

Not sure if was copied, more like inherited. Slavs (Bulgarians especially) might have been the ruling elite over the Vlachs, at least until they created their own states, Walachia and Moldova. The Vlach rulers were called “Voievod” or “Domn”, one of clear Slavonic influence, the latter of Latin origin. The documents of the Chancellery and even the tomb stones of the rulers were written using Slavonic language. (same as Latin was used in the west.

Sword breaks, but not easily. Only poorly made sword breaks easily. Good sword flex, and iron/steel can bend. But yes, medieval steel was less homogenus than our steel now, so have weaker places in structrure, and they can reveal themselves during hard stress.


Something about wooden weapons. Many were very impressive!


Every civilization had a practice weapon. Wooden swords, etc.

Yeah, but there’s no common metal version of a rungu. There are some examples of people who tried or prefer a metal version, but the commonly used version is the fully wooden one. That’s the weapon they use, that they carry along with their spears and swords, that they use to defend their cattle against lions. So if that’s obviously a practice weapon, as you stated, what are they practicing for?