Spreading the word: Virgo Cup VI: Winter Wars, a 4v4 all-welcome tournament

Hi everyone, just a short post - though not a discussion point per se - on something I wanted to share that is happening in the next few months. Since this week, the Virgo Cup VI: Winter Wars has again begun, with over 110 teams of at least 4 players signed up to compete against one another. There are three categories (based on team elo, but with a special calculation to avoid smurfs), and teams will face off in a group stage in the coming weeks. After that, it will be play-offs between the best teams.

The tournament is also played on a map pool of 13 maps specially designed for this tournament. Anyone could have signed up until two weeks ago, so the player base that participates is very diverse. It is kind of an independent tournament, not with large backers - really a tournament by players for players. I think these sorts of player events are - when properly organized - precisely the kind of thing that makes the AOE community great and thriving. This is why I simply wanted to share with you that this was going on, in case you might be interested in watching it. All the information can be found here: Virgo Cup VI: Winter Wars - Liquipedia Commons Wiki

(Disclosure: I am not in the organization nor am I affiliated with the tournament, just wanted to share).
Anyways, thanks for reading.