Spring COlor COnfusion

Dunno if this has been posted anywhere, but the spring colors for green and yellow are nearly identical. Every twitch chat is talking about how confusing it is. Hotfix?


I’m watching A. M VS SECRET right nowz and I can’t tell them apart. Why not use dark green?

You have to understand that these people operate in simpler manners, they just think “It’s spring, let’s saturate everything 25%”

They were sick at home when color seperation class was happening in gamingdevschool.

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Unfortunately not everyone is equal when it comes to distinguishing colors. I have 0 problem telling these 2 apart, and I guess the devs/tester felt the same?

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DE spring mod vs HD; worst combinations are;

Red vs Purple
Green vs Yellow
Orange vs Red

These are also worse than the HD ones;

Yellow vs Orange
Blue vs Teal

DE Spring Mod


DE Default

HD vs DE default

Imo this comparison shows how the playercolors are more clearly seperated and pleasant in HD. Half of the colors in DE are too bright which makes them look alike.

Blue is too dark
Red is too light
Green is too light
Yellow is too light
Teal is too light
Purple is too dark
Grey is about right
Orange is too light

I’m really curious to see how the HD colors will look on DE.

(Also curious to see the HD smoothie terrains in DE, they make the image much more clean. The current smooth terrains in DE are a bit too much and are lacking subtile texture)

You guys realize these colors are entirely optional, right? Just don’t use them.

I personally think they are mostly an improvement over what we had before, especially blue and gray, though I do think that green should be a bit darker.


I also don’t get what everybody is complaining about. Those colors are optional and if you don’t like them just disable the mod in the mod menu.
With the new update palette mods are now possible so we will probably see more color mods in the future so everyone can pick the palette they like the most


If someone could make a screenshot of the DE elephants to add to the pictures above, we could make a clear comparison.

why didn’t you do it same time as others? only 30% more effort

Because I don’t own DE. If someone can make the screenshot, I would appreciate it.

You’ve been one of DE’s most critital posters on these forums and you don’t even own the game? lmao

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I only comment on things I can comment on. Actively tried it during the beta. And am constantly seeing DE in streams and tourneys. I would have probably bought it if they did not remove the option to directly play ranked arabia, many other concerns with the game but I think that would push me over.

The whole “theyre option if you dont like them dont use them” thing is easily ignored when you refocus on the fact that the two colors look the same and they shouldnt.

Since it was asked for:

My settings are on lowest so there is no bloom/blush/fancy stuff and it might change the visibility

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Thank you, I have added it to my post above.