Spring Community Map Making Competition!

Welcome to the Spring map making competition! Take a look at all of the submitted maps, and mark your calendars for the end of the season when we can all vote for our favorites.

On May 20th submissions close, and voting begins! Check back to stay up to date on any new submissions added.

The comment section isn’t just for submissions, feel free to discuss anything related to the maps and the competition!


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Previous Winners

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Submitting Maps:

If you want to submit a map, simply @ me or DM me so I can add it to this thread. If I don’t add you within a couple days, send me a DM.

Guidelines for submissions:

  • As long as your thing has a random map involved, it qualifies. There is no complexity requirement.
  • I won’t include maps that have previously won
  • I encourage you to submit maps that are tied to the season in some way. That can mean:
    • It was released this season
    • It’s set in the season (snow map in winter, etc.)
    • You made updates to it this season

Resources for Creating Maps

Official Custom Map Guide: https://support.ageofempires.com/hc/en-us/articles/8478444858388-Custom-Maps-Guide
Durokans map workshop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etnopa0PNUM


I figured I should post a few screenshots of my map submission. Its my answer to great plains, keeping that 3 tp route by each player, open feel and lots of natives. You have the Cheyenne available for the iconic bison herd tech, but you’ll find the Cree to the north, opening up the option to cdb boom. Stronger treasures are found across the river, and while there’s plenty of food (berries & hunts, japan players rejoice!) and wood available, coin mines are a bit further apart so you’ll need to push out a bit. In larger games additional native sites and trade route sites are added.


I like the little cliff cutouts along the river, it’s a really nice touch, especially when you cross the river up into the extra native TP’s.

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I’m posting the two new Age of Pirates maps:

1/ Green Valley

2 Mississippi River


Lago Baikal

baikal 3
(Disculpen, soy un poco inutil en esto de crear mapas)
El lago baikal es un gran lago de agua dulce que se encuentra en la region montañosa de Siberia.
El territorio se compone de taiga, con minas de plata, karibús y carneros de montaña.
Acantilados transitables al norte y al sur.
los jugadores comienzan en las zonas altas este, oeste. en el centro se encuentra una llanura por donde circula una carabana de comerciantes, la Casa de Oldemburgo tambíen se encuentra cerca.
Hay acentamientos Tengri en los acantilados del sur.


Spring Meadows

Celebrate Easter on this non-competitive holiday themed map, full of bright colors and special “Easter Egg” treasures. Also based on Great Plains, this map represents early spring with the lakes all full and the flowers in fresh bloom.

There’s also a trio of similarly structured “burrows” that allow players to train friendly rabbits, call on colorful allies, and ship even more Easter Eggs.


Great initiative! I am glad to see these events.


Thanks! Hopefully some more people come out of the woodwork, otherwise it’ll be me, dansil, and baltazar every season.


Last Stand

no mods, adjusted sharpness and coloring

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Shiroyama must be added as a Historical Battle!!!

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thanks, ‘map making competition’ doesn’t attract the same as ‘screenshot contest’ :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe because it is more complicated, but almost all of us like to see new maps.

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I was hoping we could all at least grab some screenshots, banter about new map ideas, etc. I know we’re interested in @IvanZvania’s concept!

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I mean in terms of general interaction for this thread.

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In that case, I would like the creation of more biomes to better represent areas of the world that have already been touched, such as South America.

For example, Yucatan, Guallanas and the Amazon, I think they share many similar (if not equal) assets. There is no correct representation of the biomes when using the same fauna and flora.

I would like the Amazon map to be playable in competitive mode, giving a version of the map where players start on the same bank of the river.