Stables flicker when using data mods

Tried both “AI triple tech” and “Handicap techs” and stables flicker when I do, when they flicker I can’t click on them. Super game breaking since I generally play vs the AI with some sort of data mod and it seems like they cause issues since the last update.

lastest version, windows 10 etc, I see I’m not the only one so its not my system, but I’m making this thread just to add that it is probably data mod related.

Edit: Let me clarify just in case that these data mods worked before the most recent patch and that they weren’t just bunk mods that I downloaded


I found the fix to your problem.

Basically stable animation framerate needs to be updated by the data modder (or yourself, if you can use AdvancedGenieEditor3). Frame rate needs to change to 90 from 180 – devs changed this for I don’t know why.

Same fix for Bombard Cannons.


Bro thank you so much, this has been driving me nuts so happy to have a fix.