Stadardize the Scout button in the stable across all Civs

This isn’t a bug so much as a request. Across the different civs, the build scout button in the stable shifts between either E or R.

For the Delhi, Chinese, and Abbysid, their unique unit is in position E while the scout button is in position R.

For French, English, Malians, Ottomans, Mongols, Rus and HRE the scout is in position E. Despite Ottomans having a unique unit, that unit is placed on R.

Because I use a modified grid layout this causes chaos for my hotkeys. I have to rebuild the grid for every building except for the couple keys that I don’t want that for. However, having the scout in two different positions makes this impossible for me because the scout is in every stable, but in different positions for some.

To fix this I have to standardize the scout on E and relabel the unique units for Abbysid, China, and Delhi to R even though that is not their button position.

I realize this is largely a me problem probably affects a very small amount of players, but it would be a nice quality of life change down the road.


This does make sense—I’ll take it to the team. Thanks @SuperZorg!