Stalling, waiting, bits and pieces for poor AOE3 customers without information

The same crap for weeks. No information about a new balance patch. No answers to questions on Facebook or here in the forum. Instead they bring something new to the DLCS where there is also no EXACT information about a release date. Do you have any interest at all? Do you look at the forum? Why in God’s name don’t you answer questions from your users? AOE2 has had a new patch for almost 2 weeks. For AOE 3 the last one was in May. That’s almost 3 months for a game that came out in october 20. It’s a disgrace that such a beautiful game is in such a bad mood because everything is only available in bits and pieces.

I’m out, you don’t get any answers anyway. Sadly sad. You don’t have to be surprised that no one new joins this game.

Today is probably Tier-A Sunday again. Holland, Spain, Japan, Sweden please more of them, that I lose even more fun in the game. #irony


Ah poor thing! How can you live with the fact that one niche rts game doenst give an update every month when they work hard on the dlc!? What a disgrace!

Good, why would they want players like you who demand this and that without reasonable backing. We know they are working on African dlc, its been a month, are you seriously that impatient?

Holland is not a thing, and just get good if you lose or just host your own game and ban the civs. Its not the devs fault if you lose.


Patience. The devs are hard at work.


I have told you this kind of topic won’t stop if the situation remains. 21

You just don’t realize even existing game has so many problems but dev just concentrate on DLC for earning money.

This is only paying for testing bugs, balance.

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what nobody understands is that nobody will buy the DLC if all the players quit the game because we have nothing for 3 months and the balance,the bug, players’s level is bad lol

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Single players will remain, but may be until AOE4 comes out.

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in fact I have the impression that the dev does not care about high level players and old ones, but without them there will be no DE

You people act like the game is in a unplayable state. Trying to juggle the DLC and patch is a lot of work. Have some patience and understanding.


the game is unplayable for the top 200 and its been for 3 month, the tourney completely sucks with that balance but patience, after all is just 3 month


Honestly, the top-level play barely matters, even finals of tournaments on aoe3 have 400 viewers MAX while the game gets 3000 people playing daily… so the ‘’’’‘competitive’’’’’ play attracts not even 15% of the player base (and I’m pretty sure there are people that don’t even play watching it, so I’m being generous with the %)

I’m not trying to be rude here, it’s just how it is, saying there wouldn’t be a DE without the top players is just wrong, you’re vastly overstating the importance of the ‘’’’‘competitive’’’’’ play financially for microsoft.

The game should be focused on the casual players and more importantly the new content(and yes, people will buy the African DLC, have you forgotten the much simpler USA DLC that tripled the AOE3 sales when it was released?), competitive play is tertiary.

Now, I’m not saying the game is in a perfect state VERY far from it, but they have only a few people working on the game(or else it wouldn’t be profitable) and most of them are working on the DLC(which is what will actually give them a return of investment).

The point is…just be reasonable and patient.


it’s easy to say it’s based on twitch only, you should look at the number of views on youtube, and without these useless pro players as you said there would simply be nothing on youtube lol


He is a bit off as to top 200. I was around 600 ranked for a long time. Once the op metas came into place I’ve fallen to about 1000 give or take a few. This is right where new players start. I’m a pretty good player with a misrank so either beat up on low players or get run out of town by the op metas. Maybe one game out of 4 is a good match. As I said before I’m almost glad when japan shows up nowadays because they aren’t as bad as some of this insanity

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You think the devs can just make money from a tree? Devs need money to keep developing the game, microsoft is not just going to fund them endlessly, they need results, its not some charity work for AoE fans you seem to think it is.

Nice to do 21, but you think they care about 30 posts all made by a small group of 20-50 users when daily the game has about 3000-6000 users?

We paid 20 euros (or whatever currency you use) for a total rework by an albeit less experienced studio, be happy AoE III got a DE, be happy they are working on the game (not only dlc, they say numerous times on the forums that they are also working on bugs, but you are just one of the most ignorant people on this forum)


No, I know they don’t care, that’s why the users are decreasing. 21.

You should be able to remember I have complained a lot they don’t care most opinion in the forum but care only single topic in the forum.

Okay im just gonna say you are ignorant and not even going to go deeper into why as I have done that before.

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Yea it always the same people who are complaining, a small minority.

Let’s look at the timeline:

  • October 2020: Release AOE3:DE
  • April 13. 2021: Surprise release USA Civ, announcement of Africa DLC
  • ca. monthly patches and balancing, most recently: April 23 (balance), June 10 (features, updates)

Current date: 18.07.2021

  • DLC in Development for ca. 3-4 months, Dev actively listening and engaging community
    (just check certain posts, e.g. the most recent challenges)

So the devs actually work on the DLC instead of brining out patches? What a scam. We are a small AOE community compared to AOE2. You should be grateful for getting new content (Civs AND campaigns) in like 1-2 months.

If you wanna see the game abandoned, just continue complaining unconstructively like that. If you would actually care for the game and its community, you’d help giving feedback, be understandable, and try to get more people buy the new DLC when its releases.

Successful DLC → more profit → more resources for patches and content. It’s just that simple.


It may be likely that the DLC will also contain some sweeping changes to the game engine. These kind of releases are good timings for such changes.


yeah that’s what I’m saying, so all the old players who have been playing for 10 years and the high level who give their free time to organize tournaments and play games so that she can go on youtube and get 10,000 views who cares, we just want a dlc that will happen on a game that is just balancing badly ( 3 month without a balance patch, like is nothing really ) as we are going to make it even worse and all the top and old players are going to leave, it’s a good plan


Yes it is unnecessary to go deeper because from your logic, topic in aoe2de is totally undesirable because they won’t have 20k people discussing in the forum and most of them are silence because not agreeing the topics.

This should be reverse.

We already paid for DE release > dev should provide a better game experience due to the release version like a beta test > dev failed > dev DLC > still same balance issue remains (mainly Sweden) > almost 3/4 year it is not enough time or we didn’t give enough patient or we didn’t give enough feedback? Now you are telling us have to pay more to encourage them to develop DLC but not fixing existing problems those continuous since released. Otherwise they are sad and will be giving up the game?

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