Standard AI personality not attacking walls

It would be nice to have units being able to attack walls or gates blocking their path when you task them to move attack with a trigger in scenario editor. Right now even on standard AI personality they ignore them and if they can’t reach the object you tasked them to attack they just stop or move along the walls without ever thinking of destroying one tile of it to get inside.
I know you can use an AI program to overcome this but I think it’s reasonable to expect it from the base game without modding or anything.

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I’m not familiar with the move attack trigger from the editor but is it behaviour-wise similar to the “normal” attack move during gameplay that they’ll attack enemy units and buildings in sight?
If so, that seems to be on purpose as attack move ignores walls and gets so your units won’t get baited into the enemy building them in a weird pattern.

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That’s true but let’s say the human player build walls around the object. That’s enough for the AI tasked to move attack to not be able to reach the object.
You can task the AI to attack specific walls and gates but if the player makes new one he’s basically invincible.

Maybe it’s possible to program the attack move order in a way that it attacks only a tile of wall or a gate if it can’t reach its objective.
Otherwise I’d need to mod the AI just for this simple reason like other custom designers already do.

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Make sure these lines are there in your AI behavior part of the script:

(set-strategic-number sn-wall-targeting-mode 1)
(set-strategic-number sn-attack-intelligence 1)

If you defined 1 = yes

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Yeah here’s the thing, I don’t use AI lol. So basically my AI is made up of triggers alone… but with triggers alone you can’t make them attack walls or gates that have not been built yet. If in attack move units would have automatically attacked a tile of wall or a gate to get through then there would be no problem.

Hm, there’s no work around this issue without using an AI script. But if you try to use triggers only to make computers behave, you’re sure in for a living hell! I’d really advise you to get into basic AI scripting, by looking at other AI scripts, playing around and use snippets from existing scripts in your own scripts, see how it goes.

It’s really not that complicated once you’re familiar with the language.

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Yeah living hell is quite the words in certain scenarios where I put dozens of triggers only to make AI works like an AI lol. For the next campaign I’ll definitely try, thanks!