Standard Build Order: Why Villager #12-15 to berries & not boar?

Standard BO has 11th vil luring boar & then 12th-15th on berries, before putting 16th onwards again on 2nd boar/sheep.
Given the hunt meat decay, I wonder why 12th-15th villagers not be put on boar instead (to achieve the optimal 10 vils gathering meat) and put 16th vil onwards on berries?

Maybe prevent unnecessary bumpings? Sometimes fewer than 10 vills can consume a boar as far as I remember.

Not sure, but migth have to do with the wood. You want to send the berry vills to farms later, and maybe if you delay berries that much it migth conflict with the first reseed of your first farms (kinda unsure, but could have something to do with smoothing out wood investments)

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ideally, first boar will be fully collected when u lure second boar.

Probably will save only 10-15 food. But u will lose it later: berries was not collected on time (u collect ~300 from berries before UP, but u collected only 200 cause the delay) .
Or u will collect boar/sheep too early → idle time for workers etc.

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You can use a maximum of 10 Vills on a boar though traditionally 8 is much more optimal as 10 leads to Vills bumping into each other, not finding a spot when the boar was shot too close to the non-walkable area of the TC or increased walking time when it was shoot at the outskirt of the TC area…

But the main issue (as the previous posts mentioned) is timing. If you use 10 on your boar you use it up faster as well as the sheep. Then you don’t have enough wood for all those farms so you have to redistribute more to wood / berries (which leads to more walking time…).

In theory it’s not really a big disadvantage to put 10 on boar right away but in reality it is just a lot more hassle to work with…

In addition to what others have said re: bumping and maximum villagers around boars, you need a mill to advance to the feudal age, and there really is no better time to add it, not to mention berries last longer and help you set up a secondary food source before you have enough lumberjacks to properly transition into farms.

The same can be said for water/hybrid builds where the dock and fishing ships play the same role.

The longer you wait before taking the berries, and the fewer you send to them, the more that will be available to be denied by your opponent’s pressure.

Berries are a “free” food source, even if they are slow, and as such you want to be eating them at some point to gain the benefit. Once you consider the farm costs upfront, Berries are actually a more efficient way of netting total resources than farms are early on, considering you need a mill anyway and the cost of 60 wood eats into the net resources gained from farming.

Suffice to say, you send villagers to berries early so you can take them in a reasonable time.

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Thats a legitimate question. For faster and optimized builds (if you want to get a fast uptime with a non top-tier civ), you can indeed put more vills on the boar before sending villagers to the berries.

Yes, indeed. Especially for fast scout rushes like 17pop with Mongols or 18pop with Lithuanians.

You still need to remember to send one to build a mill though as you need it to click up…
(Unless you do the 15pop Kmher yolo scout rush :joy:)

I believe that’s done so you still have villagers constantly gathering food when the boars/hunt runs out. It’s similar to the idea of placing farms slowly as you run out of other food options, instead of waiting until all food options are depleted and then starting to place farms.

Also, Imagine you take all free food resource first and then switch to farms which means building 14 farms (for example) all at once. You need to be floating 740wood for that. And then a few minutes later you will need to replenish them all at once again needing 740wood. That is bound for trouble… And any good player will advice you against builds that float resources…

In the standard BO you don’t build 14 farms at once…similarly you don’t need to build all of them at once here too…you build them as 60 wood becomes available
you are just switching gathering food from the hunt & the berries, thats all…everything else remains the same

Yes, exactly, because that would be a bad idea. That’s what I meant with my comment…