Star Event in Aoe2 DE .... will end in 4 days

What does bother me is that for such a beautiful theme, the event will only last this week… and on top of that, the challenges require more than 4 days of work to have everything. I kind of feel like they were able to extend this event further.

I don’t feel like they bothered to promote it too much either, I found out because I saw a collage they posted on Steam. If it wasn’t for that I’d be playing Age III DE as the Lakota to get inspired for an Aoe IV model with civs that don’t require siege weapons. Finally, a pleasure…

Oh, I forgot to say, there are no Cheat MODs in this event, so if you’re only looking for the cosmetic MODS, someone will probably reupload them in the future.

My greetings.


Yes, you have to be careful, on steam they usually go up when the events start… I still need to finish the last challenge… but if you start now, you will be able to unlock even 4 mods…

hey you got the wrong category, this is Aoe4’s, if it wasn’t wanted I mean.

Yes, now that I think about it, you’re right… he was post in the wrong subforum xd…

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How do you get the 10 techs for champions ?

I played with infinite resources and ful tech teee and still disks t get it

Yes, better xd…

Develop the entire militia line in the barracks and the melee tecs in the armory in two or three matchs in a row…if you don’t know how, look at my last live on twitch of aoe 2…(I put in a goat xd)

I just played as the Britons in a random map against the AI and got it in one game
Man at Arms, Long Swordsman, Two Handed Swordsman, Champion, Supplies, Gambesons at the Barracks (6)
3 melee attack upgrades and 3 infantry armor upgrades at the blacksmith
That’s 12 techs, and I think Squires and Arson would work too, maybe even Conscription and Unique techs, I’m not sure

Maybe it’s because I’m using infinite resources then?

That’s good, I didn’t think about it, but I’m not complaining anyway, I end up doing it in the games and that’s it…

I’d rather say it’s the full tech tree if you’re not getting any progress done. I played as one of the Infantry civs and did all upgrades I could get, only got 9 out of 10, so doing a MAA rush next game completed it for me.

My only problem with those events is that you’re time-gated. I get why they do it - supposedly so you keep returning to the game daily, but I don’t think it’ll be that effective in the goal or if the goal is even that important. I’m not sure if there’s anyone who only logs in to do the events and then logs out. 11

I do it, I take advantage of the events to play some matchs and some campaigns and then I go to other games xd…

I played a regular skirmish as spanisch against an AI, researched all barracks and blacksmith techs, heresy and faith and that worked for me.

Yes, that is, sometimes I do the challenges against the AI (the last game I put very difficult IA, but with a treaty and I took the steam achievement and the AI had become a beastly boom xd)…