Star Wars Battlegrounds Saga deserves a Definition Edition update

This game could use the special treatment if the Forgotten Empires have the time for it. After all, it could use more civilizations, more revisions, better graphics and updated music. Also more civilization balance changes and things that would line up with AOE 2 DE by adding more unique units and tech to make it more special as possible.

Perhaps in the future, this game would bring veterans and newcomers alike who are fans of the Star Wars franchise and people who likes this style or real time strategy gameplay. May the force be with both the light side and the dark side.

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Last word on this was that the mouse said no

You have the source?

I Don’t have any recent source but i remember seeing somewhere, i believe it was a dev saying they asked and disney said no.

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They actually asked?

That’s pretty cool.

If anyone finds the link I’d love to be reacted, quoted or @-ed.