Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds DE?


Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds was an RTS based on same engine as Age of Empires II.

So I thought, as AoE 2 gets its Definitive Edition, SWGB could too.

SWGB advantage was mostly the artwork for 6 civilizations, each one totally different from art point of view.

Art remake is a big part of AoE DE 2 so I thought SWGB could suit for it too.

I know there could be 2 problems : SWGB is not Microsoft’s license I think so shared work on this could be impossible + SWGB gameplay barely changes from AoE DE 2 so selling 2 skins of the same game could be a problem, but the goal there would be artwork for SW fans and… so was SWGB’s first goal in the beginning.

Well that was the idea :slight_smile:


Awesome idea. I really liked SWGB and a remake/update is highly needed.

I’ve been extremely critical of SWGB in the past, seeing as how it ultimately played like a big mod (no disrespect meant to those who worked on it). However, it has always had a strange charm that can’t be shaken off quite so easily. I personally saw it as being to Age of Empires what Alpha Centauri was to Civilization. (I know, I’m about to get murdered by Alpha Cantauri and Civ fans here… ).

Of course, EA is highly unlikely to ever green light a project like this. They’ve snubbed far more successful Star Wars games/ sub-franchises so far, and SWGB never did generate that much noise. Best we can hope for is maybe the guys behind Expanding Fronts keeping at it.

ADDENDUM: On subject of EA snubbing good Star Wars material… YES I AM STILL BITTER ABOUT DARK FORCES/ JEDI KNIGHT. And NO, Jedi: Fallen Order is not a balm to make that better, as nice as it looks.