Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds DE?


Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds was an RTS based on same engine as Age of Empires II.

So I thought, as AoE 2 gets its Definitive Edition, SWGB could too.

SWGB advantage was mostly the artwork for 6 civilizations, each one totally different from art point of view.

Art remake is a big part of AoE DE 2 so I thought SWGB could suit for it too.

I know there could be 2 problems : SWGB is not Microsoft’s license I think so shared work on this could be impossible + SWGB gameplay barely changes from AoE DE 2 so selling 2 skins of the same game could be a problem, but the goal there would be artwork for SW fans and… so was SWGB’s first goal in the beginning.

Well that was the idea :slight_smile:


Awesome idea. I really liked SWGB and a remake/update is highly needed.


I’ve been extremely critical of SWGB in the past, seeing as how it ultimately played like a big mod (no disrespect meant to those who worked on it). However, it has always had a strange charm that can’t be shaken off quite so easily. I personally saw it as being to Age of Empires what Alpha Centauri was to Civilization. (I know, I’m about to get murdered by Alpha Cantauri and Civ fans here… ).

Of course, EA is highly unlikely to ever green light a project like this. They’ve snubbed far more successful Star Wars games/ sub-franchises so far, and SWGB never did generate that much noise. Best we can hope for is maybe the guys behind Expanding Fronts keeping at it.

ADDENDUM: On subject of EA snubbing good Star Wars material… YES I AM STILL BITTER ABOUT DARK FORCES/ JEDI KNIGHT. And NO, Jedi: Fallen Order is not a balm to make that better, as nice as it looks.


pls give us SW BG DE!!!


Can’t wait for a remake

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Too bad still no news.Yet this game is expected.


I once have created a topic about this game, and someone in the comments said that Forgotten Empires had contacted Disney about it already, and they weren’t interested at that moment.

But Knights of the Old Republic is being remastered right now, and EA doesn’t have exclusive rights to make new Star Wars games anymore, so, if there is a time to have hope, it’s now!

My topic: Forgotten Empires, please bring Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Definitive Edition for us! - Off-Topic Forum - Age of Empires Forum


If SWGB DE has to be made, please work with Expanding Fronts mod team: they have added 4 civs, plenty of bugfixes and QoL akin to Forgotten Empires back in the day


I want to play as the Sith Empire :slight_smile:

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Probably Old Republic factions are gonna take a lot if they are ever done. Expect a release 4th may with maybe CIS buildings reworked

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That is great game
Picked up a CD copy couple of years ago, old LAN function still works!
Love playing deathmatch against like 5-6 AI opponents with my brother

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It’s available in steam but I don’t know if it works in Windows 10. I think you have to download some patch for it to work though. How I wish Disney in a later date approve a definitive edition of this game.

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EF mod do patch a lot of bugfixes

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may be an announcement on May 4.

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Next EF version aims to be released on 4th, including new CIS building graphics

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I would definitely love a game like this engaging this beloved saga. Please EA make this happen.

Star Wars deal with EA is over afaik.
And thanks God.

It was terrible period for SW games. Disney alone sucks enough, but with EA on top of that it was a disaster.
Both BF games were a dumpster fire, and besides that… what, ’ Jedi : Fallen Order’? Because ‘kids play dem souls games’. It was fine but far from groundbreaking or super inspired.
Same with Squadrons. But at least these two were fairly non-offensive and fun in their own way.

It would be interesting to see SWGB remake on 3DE engine.

When AoE4 becomes moddable… I think a community made swgb mod would be lit.

Ressurecting this one.
Now since EA no longer holds exclusive rights for Star Wars games, is it possible to approach Disney/Lucas again to ask them about the possibility of a Definitive Edition for Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds?

I remember one of the Forgotten Empires devs, and old former Ensemble dev, said they actually tried that a few years ago, but EA held exclusive rights to Star Wars games. Now with that no longer the case, it is possible to do it.

It would be a crazy amouny of time.

IRC, the problem wasnt the rights but that disney didnt answer at all. Also they are doing a RTS that could overlap with a SWGB remake