Star Wars prequel memes/easter eggs in the new campaign

i’ve done the first three levels of the Bengali campaign and i’ve noticed they’ve snuck in 4 or 5 (so far) star wars prequel quotes…

the ones i remember are… (i should have written the rest down).

“surely you must realise you are doomed” general grievous
“there’s always a bigger fish” (qui’gon ginn)

anyone else notice?


Nice. Why the Bengali though? The Ratha mechanic wasn’t from Galactic Battlegrounds, was it? The Gurjaras mill mechanic was.

Anyway, I’ll just take it as a sign that the games will now be melting together and next DLC will be the Star Wars pack. And since that game had 8 civs, 48+ civs confirmed.



Yeah the Gurjaras have that mechanic, i’m not sure why i’ve seen so many quotes so far. I’ve just played the 4th level and this time nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

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It will be a hint that they are doing a DE version of SWGB?..

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Not impossible, but the rights situation is probably a mess and the coding (apart from the engine) was done by another team entirely, so it would probably be a lot more work to “just give it the same upgrades as aoe2de” than we’d imagine. It’d also be kind of weird to do it before aom. And as much as I myself have praised it for being maybe even a better game than aoe2 in the past, that’s probably not true. Or, well, stuff like the much faster scout and the harder counters are a lot of fun in the campaigns and in friendly matches, but probably hold up less well in more “serious” multiplayer. Then again, there are a lot of rts players who are mostly there for the campaigns, and the AI of this game could really use an upgrade, so…

No, still pretty unlikely. But still funny to have Star Wars lines in the new campaigns.

Oh wow, I’m amazed anyone can remember any quotes from the Star Wars prequels!

There is a (non-prequel) Star Wars reference in the Saladin campaign (the Master of the Templar quotes Obi Wan Kenobi when he dies), so maybe it’s supposed to be a continuation of that.

Or maybe whoever made this campaign is a fan of the Star Wars prequels (there’s no accounting for taste…).


Sure, but there it is…

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Clearly, everything can be…

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