StarCraft Units

Well now we have charged attack and shields (Protoss rider from stable) in the game, also units with abilities which have to be microed (change from micro to melee)…

I think you should start working on invisible units, I could imagine Ninjas for japanese and assassins for Saracens.
What about a new TC tech, ‘Bribe’ to reveal a part of the map?

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Ghost Monks for saracens
İnstant kill ability for bersekers with relative cd
Head shot ability for Jannisarries 11
Shot gun fire switch mod for Conqs
Omnislash for samurais etc etc.
I don’t think i will play this game multiplayer anymore.Last game i played yesterday was 1v1 EW in which i won against TurksvsMagyars 1.6 k elo . Then i searched once more when i saw new civs i just alt+f4 11

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I don’t think it will be nearly as extreme as Starcraft, but I don’t see an issue with new Shrivamsha Rider from a design perspective (which incidentally is an underpowered unit).


We need a new UU for Italians: Pizza thrower


Yeah but please with the ability hotkey to siege that thing up, so that you can shoot further than you see.

Special skin for the Gurjaras. Already looks like it bakes and delivers pizzas.

and then add the gbeto throwing-knife-in-the-air move for when its standind still and we got ourself a pretty sensational unit

Ghulam Firebat or not?
Is sort of similar to concussive damage.