Stark's scenario collection

I’m opening this topic to compile all my scenarios in one thread.

I have already published many of them in the official mod center, but I need to update them (Especially now that the mod files can be installed automatically in the scenario folder). So this is an opportunity to introduce some scenarios which didn’t have a topic yet.

Here we go!

El Dorado - The City of Gold

A singleplayer scenario about the discovery of the legendary city of Eldorado.
Lead a Spanish expedition across the mountains, find the city of gold and loot it !

A scenario that I created 10 years ago on the original game and that I greatly reworked on the definitive edition. I recently discovered the tool to change the color of textures. Having golden roads is very cool :sunglasses:


(screens before the texture color tool)



Hello !

I updated the The City of Gold scenario. Some people have had crashes playing it (but on my side I never had this problem). So I created a light version of the scenario, with fewer triggers and gates (to optimize pathfinding).

There are now two files in the mod: the normal version and the light version.

But that’s not all I did today :slightly_smiling_face:

Storming of the Bastille (1789)

Today is the French Bastille day ! It was an opportunity to update this old scenario with the new french revolution and european royal units and buildings :fr: :baguette_bread:

This scenario is singleplayer and coop (for 2 players).

(old screenshots)


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