Stark's World map updated

Hello there

I updated my world map in the mod center. I added European royal houses and African villages and used some triggers to change explorers according to different civilizations and to spawn the player in his native region in the PvE Map.

I also took advantage of the photo mode (I’m really a fan of it :heart:) to take new screenshots.

On this screens it’s the “trading posts war” version on the map, there are a lot of tiny villages to capture.

You can find the map in the mod center, it’s “World map - 8 Players”


NB: There are some bugs, the map is large and reaches the maximum textures imposed by the definitive edition, it happens that a white ground appears under certain buildings… The home cities are disabled because I already had a texture bug on the whole map when returning from a home city (I think the loading of the ground textures of the home city caused the buffer overflow).

But you can turn them back on if you use the reduced deck option, there is a trigger that denies all players access to the home city, just turn it off.

NB2: This map was created more than 15 years ago on the original game (without the first DLCs). It saw all the stages of the evolution of the game :smile:


menudo trabajo colega
esta muy genial!

It’s fixed. I reworked all textures of the map (it was extremely long and boring :sweat_smile: ). So I unlocked the homes cities.

I took the opportunity to change the water on the map (it is less dark) and I added a tengri temple in Siberia.

The Trading posts war version of the map is unchanged. I will make a better version of this scenario when i have time.