Start the bottom civs with a Scout and Archer in Dark Age

Presently, the Vietnamese, Tatars, Koreans, and Portuguese have below 46% win rates across all but one or two maps in 1v1, and they all have poor win rates in the early game.

What if they started with both a scout and an archer? Not only could they scout the map faster, but they could harass an opposing player who is trying to wall.

This would provide an early bonus that a good player could take advantage of, without upsetting overall balance in the hands of a poor player.

Two starting military units is a very bad idea. Get ready to get lamed every single game.

Interestingly, the Vietnamese can see starting location of opponent’s TC, so lack of scouting isn’t why they’re not good.


No, just no. Giving one unit of advantage will literally destroy the eraly game for everyone except them


An Archer, no less, which is enough to disrupt the whole Dark Age Wood line, or lame Boar and Sheep.


this is an awful idea, as has been already pointed out. heavily against this being implemented.


It could be a cool idea for a specific map btw. Just start with an archer instead of a scout. But just for a special map


Just by the idea I can tell, that you have never played this game seriously in higher ranked aereas (no offense by the way), otherwise it should be totally clear, that an additional archer right from the beginning would be TOTALLY overpowered and lead to winrates above 60%. You can lame deers, place the archers behind woodlines, outmicro the berry-vills and so on.

A very, very bad idea - sorry to say so.


That would be Mega Random, but unlike what the name would imply there are restrictions. The only other possibilities besides a scout or a scouting animal as a starting units are a spearman, a militia and a skirmisher. There is another case, with @sherdwood_heroes or whatever this ES special map was called, were you start with a Friar Tuck and a Robin Hood, which is a hero longbow.

Table cat

This is the same guy that suggested auto queueu for villagers in idle towncenters.


Where did you get that picture of me?

Ok. I concede an extra archer would be overpowered.

Instead, what about a scout with +1 range? So, instead of a Steppe Lancer what about a Steppe Scout? This would reduce the effectiveness of an opponent walling up without threatening thick woodlines or house walling. It would also make an opponent reluctant to engage in a scout battle.

The goal would be to improve civs with a weak early game without affecting later balance.

I don’t see such a minor buff on a single unit achieving much besides some people trying to abuse this to kill the enemy scout in dark age.

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i got a better idea, how a bout they just collect data, determine what actually needs help, and buff them accordingly?


I wouldn’t want this.
I’d rather have every civ start with less, not more.

Sadly, you can use sheep to explore the map, if exploration is something you wish happened faster:

Starting with archer would directly broke the game.

i completely agree and am 100% against that proposed change.
what i am in favor of, is collecting tons of data, and buffing bottom civs in meaningful ways.

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