Starting Resources Question (Gold, Stone, Food, Wood)

I just downloaded the AoEDE game from the MS store. Regardless of whether I play a Single Player Custom Classic game or a Single Player Custom Definitive Edition game, I automatically have a ton of resources to start off with (gold, stone, food and wood). In the original game, you had to work to acquire all of those. I’ve looked in the settings and don’t see a way to make it so that I start out with zero resources. Am I missing something or do all the single player custom games start you off with a lot of resources?

Change the settings before you start singleplayer game, and you will never start with 0

There is two game modes: Death Match which has 55k resources on start and and Random map in which you have to choose between, Low, Default, Medium and High resource amount.
Low resource start contains least amount of resources having only 200 Wood and 0 of all other resources.

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