Starting Scout doesn't "Auto-scout" anymore - anyone else having this problem?

I had not played AoE for a couple of weeks. Now, when I click on the ‘Auto Scout’ button for my starting scout, nothing happens! Why is there still a button if this function has been disabled? Or is this a glitch that someone can advise me about. Please help.

I encounter this bug once but I have no idea why. I try to switch back to my desktop in my windows and go in the game again and the auto scout function work again.

Hi #HeBroGaming. Thanks for your quick response! Much appreciated. I will try that and see if it works for me. Cheers.

Hi HeBroGaming. Thanks for trying to help me out, Unfortunately, your tip didn’t work for me. Thanks, anyway. I play the game via Steam and have tried everything I can think of (Verifying integrity of the files, resetting In-Game Settings to Default, etc., etc. Nothing seems to work. Oh, well … :unamused:

I noticed it too, but in my case the explorer stops when he finishes exploring the whole map. When he loses his original purpose

I can’t say I’ve experienced the problem to this extent. In my case sometimes if I do click on it, the first click stops the Scout (and I know I didn’t click on Stop command), the next will set the Scout on Auto-Scout. Pressing once more will turn off the Auto-Scout.

Maybe your keyboard double-presses somehow, or something? If not, then you should try writing a bug report in the Bug Reports section.

In my case this bug appear in the start of the game in quick game which is not a BF

Yes when I encounter it, it happen like exactly like what you mention: like double clicking and the scout just stop. I am not sure why and cannot reproduce afterward.

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