State of Multiplayer

I am researching this game but everywhere i look everybody tells me this game’s multiplayer is absolute trash and you get disconnected every couple mins. Literally unplayable.

Is this true and this game is only good and actually playable in singleplayer or are they overexaggerating? Do only those few with negative things to say speak up or is this really a big issue?

I plan to ONLY play multiplayer matches. Should i spend my money on this or is it not worth it in its current (and probably future, as its out a couple of months already) state?

What are your experiances in multiplayer?

While you might get disconnects here and there, they are not always the case. The game has been improved.
But you might sometimes get frustrated by the DCs.

They are over exaggerating af. The game has issues with MP but it’s not unplayable at all.

I do get occasional lags and DCs but they are 30% of my matches. Also, you can choose the serverwith least ping to you.
Word of advice, you better have a decent PC for this.


The disconnects are greatly exaggerated to an extreme degree (no disconnects here, last time I crashed was during beta and first week of release), the game is very playable, especially if 1v1 is your flavor.

Team game matchmaking is poor and doesn’t make evenly skilled teams, there are many factors to this, one is faulty math on the backend side causing team game ratings to be inflated, another factor is simply lack of players which causes the matchmaker to match players with wide skill gaps together.

There are also many people complaining because the game doesn’t work exactly like old platforms, like HD and Voobly, where ranked lobbies exist. You may or may not agree with the decision to not include ranked lobbies, I think the devs prefer standardization when it comes to ranked and that’s why they are excluded, there’s an ongoing drama ■■■■-storm around this which you’ll see from many posters on this forum, some of which don’t even own the game and just like to complain.


I never get disconnected on 1 vs 1 games neither 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3. But i do get disconnected on four 4 vs 4 randomly but consider i have played more than 100 games without issue and only get disconnected on two consecutive 4 vs 4, that is completely normal for a multiplayer online game. Also after those disconnections i reconfigure my router settings and it never crashed again on 4 vs 4 games.


Hi captainpain, welcome to the forums!

So, to be fair with you it is true that some people really can’t play the game online since the launch, and it’s specific to AoE2DE with them. You can see that this is even a long time tracked issue on the official known issues list . There’s no fix to the issues yet, but I should elucidate to you that this problem have a pretty rare occurence (unless you use the Claro/NET ISP on Brazil, that would be a guaranteed to have connection problems with the game), safe to say that happens to less than 1% of the online playerbase.

The game had a rough launch, but nowadays, and for a few months now, works just fine. If you’re seeking to play RMs, both ranked and unranked, you will be very well served. The worse you will see these days is some server instabilities, but that’s due to the enormous influx of usage on Microsoft servers, pretty much every popular internet service is going through this. They are making constant maintenances to keep up (just today happened one), and the problems caused by that were pretty minor.

As a side note, if you’re looking to play custom scenarios these aren’t working, sadly, and we don’t have a expected time to them to work properly. But I say that this is honestly the only thing that is unplayable currently. It’s a shame, but doesn’t concern the vast majority of players.

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If have played around 50-60 online games:

  • No disconnections at all. Not for me, not for others in the game.
  • Sometimes there is some lag. I think servers are sometimes at there limit. I made a thread about this issue, but i dont think it is really game breaking. I just continue playing the game.

You must know there are two main ways to play online:

  1. Ranked games
    In this case your games will be made by match making. You cant choose who is against you and other settings. Match making for 1v1s is great. After some games you will be settled around your skill level in the ranking and you olay against players of equal skill. Match making for teamgames isnt that good. Teams are too one sided and players can have all kind of skill levels.

  2. Unranked games
    You can play against who ever you want with the settings you like. I havent really played unranked, because i feel like making balanced team is a bit difficult. I would use unranked if we are with friends and we wanna play a game against each other for fun. You know everyone and you make your own team. ArshiaAghaei is talking about choosing a server: This is only possible for the unranked lobby.

The multiplayer experience is great. I did made one mistake: I bought the game a month ago. I had too buy this game at release. I love it.

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from my experience, when you have an unstable internet connection, the game is very quick to diconnect you from a game, so to some people it happens all the time. if your internet connection is stable it might not even happen once.

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Alright that doesnt sound so bad after all. I live in Switzerland with decent internet. Hope my pc can run the thing tho. Its not the newest anymore.

Thanks for all the replies.


Literally never had a disconnect, but I guess some people do, I’d say try it and get a refund if you have a lot of them

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franchement garde ton argent pour un autre jeux
je l’ai racheter il y a 2 mois et j’en suis dégoûté

It’s a complete 50/50 that depends on something no one figured out yet. Some players have perfect connections and have never experienced DCs (my case), while others will constantly disconnect during the first minutes of the match (my friend’s case), and this is something that’s been happening ever since the game released and still happens to this day. One of the main reasons I bought this game (and the only reason my friend bought it) was so we could play together, but it’s been 6 months and we still weren’t able to finish a single match playing together, and ik for a fact he’s not the only one who’s going though this because i’ve seen others DCing for no reason after a few minutes as well (aka it was because of the servers, not the players leaving by themselves), so no the multiplayer issues aren’t an exageration, they just only happen to certain people and nobody knows why.

So yeah it’s up to you, you could simply test it for a while and if you start getting DC during the first minutes of online matches refund the game ASAP.


Good point. But most DC’s were in Unranked for me so…

Multiplayer is fine, the problem is that you will not see all the lobbies or people will not your see yours. This happens a lot everytime.