Statistics after game paly are poor

I don’t know if that is already mentioned, but i would like to see better statistic diagrams and values to
analyze the gameplay. Currently a game was dropped right at the beginning and the stats counted numbers of military where no military was at all. I thing the stats form Age of Empire 3 where bit better. I wish to see work on counters and improvement in statistics…


you start with a scout, so there is minimum 1 military in your statistic.

Longer viewing this, it gets more strange. Someone for sure destroys enemy buildings but this is not count.
On the other hand. Stats only show what resources in stock, i think they should show also what resources are gathered in total. And there could be lot more informative stat counters.

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The stats page should be only one page aswell. Its only got 2 lines of data. And you need to scroll right to look at the hidden ones.

Same with your profile. You dont really get any stats. You only get your win lose record. You should have everything that aoe4world has.

What if one day aoe4world shuts down. Microsoft just gives us a ladder and you cant check your stats like aoe2

Its like they made everything big in the menus causes they didnt put much there