Statistics age change

I can’t see the age change when I look at the statistics screen. I can see it from the other players but not from myself, it only shows the second age.

Hey @xesmuhx00! Any chance you can get a screencap?

Hi! The problem is already solved, but thanks for your reaction!

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I can provide screenshot for this later, it happens more often that some Age Up Markers are not showing on the After Match Graphs.

Please do! Thanks so much!

Hi, took a while till it happened again, but here u go. Age 3 and 4 Marker missing for red player in all graphs.

Edit: Also, i guess unrelated but Tiume to Age 4 completly missing in Technogogly Tab. Might be hidden behind the Chat window as other stats are also:

I can open new topic for this if needed.

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Hi, i’m having the same problem of the age change not showing in the statistics. How did you fix it?

Can confirm, sometimes Castle and Imperial age transitions are not show on the graphs