Statistics page of aoe 2 DE is faked

Look at these winrates. They are so obviously faked that its not even funny anymore. There are no correlations with working stats websites about voobly winrates where franks have 60%+ winrates and in contrast to franks on userpatch the cumans are broken. why would the creator of this chart pretend that these were real? If you dont have the data then dont attempt to trick us pls. But then its still pretty ridiculous. How do you ballance a game without data? I mean from what ive seen the devs havent yet realised how broken steppe lancers are. Its almost 1 month since release and the only thing you can do against cumans spammers is alt-f4.
lets hope that these faked stats arent a sign of things to come.



I f this was 12/13++ ara I would have doubts, but this includes casual games and rated games of all ratings over all maps.

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Summing up with the reply above, the stats are also admittedly imprecise. And this chart doesn’t mean much, since the bars don’t have any reference for their values/lenght (unless you come up with some pixel lenght calculation or some eccentric math trick to decipher it).

Have you tried fast castle into forward siege? works pretty well

edit: also “Stats are in Beta development and are subject to change” from the same page you copy paste the stats.

Fast castle against Cumans is absolute suicide. All he has to do is scout your FC and go scouts instead of feudal TC and you’re dead.

you can make spear since feudal :wink:

TO KILL THE cumans all have to do one thing - rush in age II and do not let them get to lancers…but if it fails one is in a very bad spot…

There are a lot of mandatory water maps on the pool which weakens the Cuman bonus. You can invest in fishing ships and navy while the Cuman player will have to either abandon the water or the second tc. Cumans does not have any other eco bonuses so they won’t get a high win rate.

Statistics also say less than half of the victories are conquest which means more than half the statistics come from unranked matches where people can not see other peoples elo so i think the player quality decides the matches there. Cuman or Franks doesn’t matter if a team have a 2000elo player while the rest of the players are just about 1500.

The only statistic i wonder is which ranked maps get the most alt+f4.

How do you make spears if you’re being 2 minutes later to feudal than Cumans ? (Since you know, going FC)

And spear defense can only get you so far anyway. All the Cuman player has to do is mix his own spears or archers and you’ll be dead even before reaching castle.

Not in the mood for coaching you here. FC into forward siege directly counters cumans 10 min 2nd tc. If cumans doesnt go greedy opening on feudal then chances are the other player dies late castle - early imp because steppe lancer (assuming both players are equal skill level)

Correcting you here. Going FC against an opponent going scouts doesn’t take until late castle for you to die, with literally any civ.
You just die even before you get to castle.

So yeah, going FC siege against Cumans only works if your opponent blindly goes for a boom without even scouting you. So much for a counter strategy…


OMG can you read please?

Yeah but on feodal age they have a second TC so the rush is really hard if u have to dodge both TC

The only way to get an above 90% winrate with every civ is if each game against bots is counted. And “art of war” and William Wallace.

I mean, if you’re fast castling properly, he’s right. You can’t FC with the same feudal uptime as a Cuman double TC, which you can comfortably do on 19-20 vils and it’s pretty much the same as a scout or trush build by the point where you click up. So if you see your opponent fast castling, by that point the Cuman player can easily adapt their build to scouts or whatever. Perhaps if the non-Cuman walled excellently… but in practice the Cuman player just gets eco boom faster even when FCing against them. It sounds like it works in theory, but in practice the Cuman player ends up having the eco advantage. A drush FC can work, however, if executed properly and I’ve seen that work.

Regardless, the moral of the story is the same: right now you have to go for an all in strategy against the Cumans that cripples them by early Castle age, or suffer the consequences.

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It works in theory and in practice, I have been doing (drush or naked) FC 1tc push in the ladder destroying cumans.