Wondering if we’ll ever get more statistics in in the match summary like trade resource amounts, favorite troops, gold/min, stone/min etc…

Game has been out for a while and there could be a lot more interesting metrics to view after a match.

On top of that, some of the scores seem to make no sense at all. Sorry if this has been covered extensively but someone will have the highest military score at the end, but they’ll literally have the worst scores in each individual category for military. Makes no sense.


More stats would be awesome, as well as improving the UI on the stats screen.

Yeah I have seen times where I know for a fact the stats were straight up wrong. Like it was a super short game and I could see exactly how many units had been made and it didn’t match up.

Plus some of the stats are just based on what you currently have, so if you resign early your score may be higher, but if you wait and lose more stuff it will be lower. They are not exactly a reliable depiction of how well people did. Also, things like Delhi tech stat being worthless.

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Stats are broken, in most of my matches that I lost or win, I can get the worst military score being the guy who killed more, harassed more, etc…

The tip here is don’t lose your army. I think military scored is mostly based in the amount of army you have in the moment game finish.

For example, if your army got destroyed but you win the game, you will have less score than the guy who has his army brand new in his base doing nothing.

Tech score also seems to have non sense.

Played a match yesterday, 1v1 as abbasid vs english, where the guy just was afk for 3 minutes, and when he came he just said something like “whooops, didn’t advice it just started”. He was still in dark age and me in feudal with fresh foodstuffs researched and I got less tech score than him, despite all my singular stats were better.

Same happens to me in every game as abbasid, I can be the guy with more researches, and I’m not even close to leader.

Also I think the game calculates tech score based in resources spent in research, because I always got a shit score playing as delhi, and abbasid just got discount for his research, so it may make sense… Who knows…