Stats continues counting after player resigns

Hi ! I am trying to understand why killing units of a player who resigned still counting in your statisctics.

Or at least if buildings and military units are still attacking so only buidings and military units should count but not villagers.

It would avoid scavengers who kill villagers of resigned ennemies for 2 reasons :

  • The deck is stacked
  • Second your allies loose time instead of helping killing alive ennemies

Did the Devs voluntary keep that rules ? or it’s because its complicated to manage another way ?

I struggle to understand this post, or what “the deck is stacked” means.

I am not a very good English speaker. It isn’t that hard to understand and I will try to simplify especially for you :

Players resigned = players who is not playing anymore = armless units (villagers) = should not be counted

Do you understand now ?

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What is the problem? A kill is a kill.

I think its unit is unit. It doesnt matter if the player is around or not. Its the players fault if they want to stick around to kill a dead mans vills

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The problem is that it is giving wrong view of the skills of the players and statistics are loosing their value.

Are you playing a game mode where you win based on score?

If not, why care?

There are some issues where score interferes with gameplay, this doesn’t feel like one of those to me. If you’re racking up a huge score by killing the villagers of a resigned player odds are you’ve basically already won, or you reaaaaally need to get your priorities straight.

In some way this is even advantageous for the resigned player’s teammate. If they have incentive to go kill stuff that doesn’t matter, you might still haveva chance.

Improving the game isn’t always question of gameplay. And priorities doesnt mean to not pay attention to details.

And push players to focus on the fight, has an influence on the game play.

I thought I wasnt the only one that matter disturbs.

I dont see any issue with the stats? You still kill a unit… A kill is a kill…

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I agree with OP. However, it isn’t a scoring problem as much as the resigned player’s units shouldn’t become idle.

A good fix would be to offer a menu with options at the start of the game:

Resign Options:

  1. All units die and buildings turn to ruins (walls remain)
  2. Taken over by AI
  3. Resources and units distributed to remaining teammates

Solution 1 would be the best ! 100% agree. And it would certainly make ennemy team resign faster.

For ressources, its the player can give it himself.

Regarding AI, im not sure it would be very fun…