Stats Page for AOE 1 DE Still Down?

Not sure if this post belongs here but since it isn’t a game bug I don’t think it belongs there either. The Stats page has been down with the message, “Sorry, No Results Found” for three days.

Is this a known issue with an ETA for resolution? Only an issue for me? Or operating as intended?

By the way, I like the Career button on the AOE 2 DE stats page. I would love to see that for AOE 1.

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Thanks for pointing this out, I was not aware it was an issue. Looks like a bug got introduced in a recent update. I’ve just pushed a fix so they should load for you again.


That fixed it. Thanks.

Ty DodoNot.
Now even steam users can acess the age 1 stats, before only MS store users were able to do it.
Btw, can you guys add age 1 leaderboards ( rm 1x1, rm team game, DM 1x1, DM team game) to the site ?
Currently we can only check age 2 DE leaderboards, would be nice to be able to view age 1 DE leaderboards on main site as well as player elo.