Staying darkage the whole game?

Can you win the game by staying in the dark age and only making militia? (and of course villagers so you can make more militia) And even get high rating in 1v1. But every game all you do is stay in dark age and spam militia. Nothing else. Like you play as Goths or something so you can keep spamming militia.

I would to see how high in ELO can you get spamming militia only lol.

I would go with burgundy tho, because of the eco bonuses.

Depends of your opponent of course, but normally this should be pretty easy to counter. Quick-wall around your wood and gold, make your own Militia, wall from TC to wood lines to force your opponent in the TC fire, and eventually just go Feudal and make MAA or archers and a defensive tower around the gold etc.

On YouTube you can find some pretty amazing games though in which pros stay in Feudal Age and win against players in Castle or Imperial Age by playing very aggressively and denying them resources. But staying in Dark Age is a bit too extreme to work. I think the only strategy that can give you a win in the Dark Age is the Persian douche but that’s a completely different story.

got me a link? would love to see this

Tatoh had a smurf account in which he didnt advanced to castle age. He reached top 100 with that account.

Well I imagine you can get decently high, like 1600, considering you should have 10 militia by the time enemy is in feudal age. Then you just send a few vills to wall in their gold with the militia and they can’t make archers or M@A: GG.

Not sure what would be strongest civ for it: teutons for cheaper farms or chinese for longer lasting farms and better start come to mind. Of course Goths could be pretty decent as well. Burgundians wheelbarrow would help with villager speed as well.

A proper transition from Dark Age to Feudal Age is a fundamental skill to being able to play Age of Empires II competitively. Militia barely threaten Peasants with Loom, and are easily walled in, when not killed by defenders. Full Feudal is a very different setting than full Dark Age, with Men at Arms actually being able to deal with Palisades in a remotely reasonable manner, oft backed by archers. Furthermore, units like Scouts actually receive a power spike of their own just for transitioning to the Feudal Age. You can find players you can beat in Dark Age using Militia, mostly because they may overreact to that one lost villager, but assuming a player has reasonable experience, it will not happen only using only stock Militia.

What makes Militia competent against loomed villagers is not that they are stronger, but that they do not force Town Center idle time on you, whilst enabling you to possibly force some villager idle time on your opponent, and if you are lucky, pop off a villager, or two with the aid of your scout. Likewise, you can upgrade them during your rush, and improve your chances of inflicting damage, later possibly backing them with Archers, or Scouts. It helps that they can open the wall for your archers. With their base stats, they are not resource efficient however, and do cost gold. When they upgrade in Feudal, the ability to crack enemy walls is handy.

TheViper did it once against a low-level player back on the HD Edition:

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One of T90’s first “the legend of” video’s featured Hoang, as he played back then, often going for lots and lots of militia. He played his way well into the top 100 this way. However, he does eventually age up. It is just really hard to deliver a death blow to someone with militia in the dark age. Pulling off an actual forever-drush would be quite hard, and you would almost cetainly end up with a lower elo than if you tried playing more standard.

You might give douching an attempt, but you probably need some more, like full militia.