Steam Achievement All Buildings

I cant figure out what building is still missing

the german text says: “We need more wood! construct every building” 55/56, but i noticed with other achievements, that the translation is sometimes really off. So i wanted to ask you, if thats the case or if u have an idea what building i could have missed

i double checked and built every:

  • wonder
  • “advanced” market, dock, arsenal, trade post etc.
  • type of house
  • type of fort (including maya fort, inca fortress etc.)
  • consulate houses (-> bank, factory, fort, etc.)
  • hospital
  • special buildings like commandery, firepit, stationary cannon, lombard

i played every civ to atleast lvl 40… its a bit of a mystery to me, what building i’ve never built before

Did you really build like… Every wonder?
Each different ageup is a different building

omg. i only knew about porcelain tower… ty for the tip

you were correct. omg
age 1 → age 2 temple of heaven.


Glad to help you out ! :slight_smile: