Steam Achievement bug

I launched the game for the first time in a week or so today. When I launched it and got into the menu I noticed a list of steam achievement pop up in the top left. I didn’t really pay attention to it and thought they were achievements I got previously.

However when I exited the game and checked steam I saw I had been awarded achievements that I know I couldn’t have gotten.

The achievements that I received are:

  • Deforestation
  • Herd you like Elephants
  • Through the ages
  • Record Breaker
  • Big shot

Confirmed these are also showing achieved in my age of empires profile in the game itself. All showing as the 22nd of November my last achievement before that is of the 7th of November which I did get myself.

Would have loved to say I’ve achieved them myself but I’m still a noob and only 40 hours of playtime. I haven’t even played the Rus or Dehli civs.


Thank you for letting us know @Serra3146! If you are willing, please contact support here with your warnings.log file. It’ll help the team greatly. Appreciate it!

Thanks for you reply, I’ve contacted support and send the warnings.log file over with it.

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Did you get all 5 at the same time?
You can look that up in the steam “View My Achievements” page.

I got a few achievements when i combined my xbox account with my steam account. The “insider” achievements are still locked, but i got the following achievements at the exact same time (Unlocked 22 Nov @ 10:16pm):

Through the Ages

Herd You Like Elephants

Pass the Marshmallows

Record Breaker

I did get all 5 at the same time, all just appeared as soon as I got to the main menu after launching the game.

Now that you mention it I did link my Xbox account to it in the session before the one where I got the achievements.

I got another achievement that I am sure I did not deserve today, after logging into the game (without playing):

  • Big shot

This is interesting, because you also got the same achievement “for free”.

I just got the achievement

  • Servants of the Land

Again, completely undeserved. I played a few games as HRE, but not nearly enough. Seems 0.1% of players have this achievement.

Upon logging a few days days ago I just got the following achievements unlocked without actually completing those (not sure about the English name):

  • Herd you like Elephants: Destroy 100 buildings with elephants
  • Servants of the Land: Kill 10.000 units with Landsknechts (HRE unique unit)

I have definitely not completed those since I never build the HRE unit at all and hardly play Delhi!

Also just got the achievement Turning winds: kill 1000 cavalry with your camels…