Steam and Xbox Achievement Mismatch

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.32911.0 4395365)
  • Platform - Steam


Achievements earned from steam are not 100% reflecting or updating Xbox Achievements.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. When earning achievements on steam they are not replicating across to the Xbox achievements. This has been reproduced by earning multiple achievements and checking the status.

  2. One example of this occurring included not gaining the achievement ‘Frankish Victory’ after completing the Joan of Arc Campaign on Xbox.

Achievements on Steam: 16
Achievements on Xbox: 2

Is they a way to force sync achievements?

See attached a screenshot showing the ‘Iron Maid’ Joan of Arc Campaign achievement which updated but hasn’t updated the ‘Frankish Victory’ achievement.


I have the same issue. It’s very infuriating. Could a dev please address this?